Friday, June 22, 2007

Gallery Cabaret OM 5 & 6

In one former moon (day of Thor) did I go to th Gallery Cabaret open mic. Whilst waiting long hours to do doings (Nim 13th on list), Tiffany & I collectively penned some absurd slash obscene poems which I later recited to intro songs. My set, then:

Let's fuck in ketchup & bunnies! Ecstatic licorice flakes strut simmering, sticky, supple stubble surrounding pink onions. My bosoms jump & swim poodles sleep shuck. Stop billowing piss heads & blood popsicles, Tusk, tisk, tassle, slop bottoms. BLAAAAARGH!

.. this ladybug

Knapsack nipping teeth plus teeth AND spore's nipples - wascally, oh! Superfresh ribs, humble (Brap) clocks droop dangles diddly. Smug hoop 'cumbers smooch smilingly poop plasters & nudes burn fingeress flutes. Zip under sundries, sundials, sunken SNEAKY BEASTIES, nasties, nuptuals & foof-fart blisters. Puppies, puppies, pupples.

.. Unison [cover of a song by Björk]

Green gulch toads fizzle spiffingly but BEWARE, fluffy fooflings fuck & slurp petroleum bubbles. Gentlemen cork your kitties; ladies lip bacons. Swampy swimming pimples glue butter fuckings, YES! Occult cockroaches noodle nuzzle napes, pop!

.. hulo, wil u be my Sheep?


Furthermore, I shall tell you this: I forgot to mention my playings at same open mic in week prior! Last week, did I play another three songs? Yes:

.. prickle prickle
.. Philosophy of th World [cover of a song by th Shaggs]
.. 2Gs

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