Monday, October 30, 2006

way of doing

Jenrate x topics: eg. TOEBAT, DODO, MUSHROOMS.

Then, y riters rite z poems on index cards on each topic.

Cards for each topic ar joind and shufld.

Al 2-card combinations of topics ar made into songlys


by randmly combining cards from topics.

And so on!

I like th abov and want to do it. I do wishngs for frendlys to be about, but they ar not about. Exept George. Maybe we wil do things of this natur.

Send u lov, I do.

Hotti Biscotti OM 3

George and I finaly made it bak to our favrit bar last week:

.. lov song 6
.. Maroon Dots
.. 2G's
.. vejtbls u'v nevr herd of

I got cool plastic noisy things for my spokes!

I'm runng out of mony and stil don't hav a job! (But at least I can cut spel...)

Tonyt, George and I wer planng to go to Subterranean, an ok opn mic at a quite trendy litl bar. I think it's stil th plan, altho I havn't seen or spoken to him yet.

These ar th names of al th songs I'v ritn since movng to Chicago:

.. how to ferment th colon
.. drone
.. to think of WTM
.. main sequence star
.. planetary nebula

I havn't debud any yet, but ther they ar. Th two new star songs need companions befor they ar performbl.

I havn't gotn any gigs, nor hav I tryd to recently. I think ryt now, wile I hav 53 minuts left on this library computr, I'l send out anothr email or two about it. I'v felt somwat lazy and uninspired about it.

My mom sent me green tea from th Daily Grind! I can stil taste th green goodness of yum.

George and I playd a drawng game that I can't beleve I nevr playd with Amy/Beth etc. bak in NY. It's cald Exquisite Corpse, and it works by each persn drawng a section and covrng up most of th drawng, then th next persn drawng anothr section and doing th same, then unfoldng wen th paje is fild. In NY, we did play a words/drawng version quite a bit, cald Eat Poop You Cat, and that was plenty fun, and we did som of these wile lookng a few times for th Rocketship and such. Anyway, doing it with just drawng is rathr splendid. George and I ar planng to make a larjr and mor colorful one with index cards to decorate th apartmnt with. It givs me ideas for ways to rite lyrics with othr peple in index cardly Thresdholdistic ways.

P.S. Be frends with Threshold of Pain on myspace!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jazz It OM 2

Befor I forget: I playd anothr opn mic at Jazz It Cafe. This time, I wasn't th only musician; ther apeard to be at least 2 othrs. Th folks ther seemd intrestd at first, and they aplaudd, but then they left, and by th end th audience consistd of Tiffany and Jordan and a gy who hadn't playd yet. It seemd prety pointless, but my frends liked it.

.. cal it Home
.. stelr nursery
.. brown dwarf
.. Pablo
.. lov song 6
.. hulo, wil u be my Sheep?

I'v ben meanng to go to othr opn mics this week, but I'v ben lazy. George and I ar definitly going to Hotti Biscotti tomoro nyt, and ther is a good chance I'l play somthing new.

I think Midwesternrs tend to be evn mor norml (boring) than New Yorkrs. I figurd it wud be about th same, but I think these Chicagoans actuly manaj to be a less inspiring audience. It's frustrating. I need to get a real gig. And som frends. Gr.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006


It's a holyday! Yes! It is th 5th day of th seasn of Th Aftrmath, in th year of the Caterpillar 3172, and that means today we Discordians honr th 5th Aposl of Eris, The Elder Malaclypse. I did so by printng out =POPE= cards and eatng a tofu bratwurst sausaj with no bun. Hunt's catsup is delicius. In retrospect, I shud hav walkd around Chicago with a syn readng "DUMB," but I ges I can save that one for next year.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I am dum

Amy, I forgot yr birthday! I suk! I'm sory I suk! Look at me sukng! I am no good! I'm sory about al th sukng that I do!

Yr frend,

rite verses to my song!


I startd workng on a song today. It's very repetitiv, rathr droning. I like it, I think. It wud break up a Nim set nicely. It consists of lots of verses, al soundng rathr th same, and no othr sections. I rote about 8 verses so far today onto index cards (I do lov index cards!) and improvised many mor than 8 (they ar especialy easy to improvise). Th idea is that each time I play th song, I wud select som verses at randm from my pile o' cards and posbly improvise som new ones as wel. Here ar som verses I'v got (selectd, yes, at randm):


popldee & popldum
th one that gos to bed
this old bed protects me
& it ancrs down my hed
hed of flowrs, hed of wales
hed of thinkng things
nothng els is fethrd
but these aplbery wings


these flowrs taste like ancrs
in th bely of a wale
my wale of forgetfulness
won't help a sailman sail
I'm sailng in an opn sore
I'm sailng in th dust
th dust of this cold city
not th coldness that I trust


panda-lovng Dr. Doo
he puts one in his hat
a hat of fethrs, beads & rice
& stolen from a cat
th cat she is a clevr one
& now she plots revenj
cold revenj against th sun
at razr's crookd ej


ragd bankrs look at me
as if I did them in
inside stegosaurus jenes
hav faln on my skin
skind alive & left for ded
but wearng a tupee
sobng bloody tears of joy
it seems we'l be ok

and so on and so on forevr.


These verses ar realy easy and fun to rite, and I'd lov to hav som wondrful frends submit som for me to use! That wud be way cool. I wud sing it, I promise!

Here's how to rite one:

First of al, it dosn't hav to be "about" anything, and probly shudn't be. It's not a song "about" anything, it's just kind of dreamy and stranj.

Each verse has 4 frases, wich I like to rite on 2 lines each, making it 8 lines total. Each frase has th same rythm:

these flowrs taste like ancrs
in th bely of a wale

etc. etc.

Ther ar rymng words. Basically, th last words in th first 2 frases must rym, and th last words in th secnd 2 frases must rym: AABB.


Also, th last word in th first 3 frases must be repeatd in th beginng of th next frase:


Wen a word repeats, it dosn't hav to be ryt away (othr words may intrvene in th line), and it dosn't hav to be th same form (exampl from abov: ...thinkng things / nothing else... "things" is repeatd as th word "nothing".)

So to put those ryms and repeatd words togethr in one diagram:


So here's one last exampl. I wil indicate for u wich words ar wich.

litl nose of leprosy
I found in my suit COAT [rym1/word1]
a COAT [word1] of arms to honr me
& tie me to my GOAT [rym1/word2]
GOATish [word2] songs & goatish names
I herd them in th PARK [rym2/word3]
PARK [word 3] them next to Adam
& he'l feed them to his LARK [rym2]

Send me verses & I wil sing them!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Jazz It Cafe OM 1

I found my very first cofee-hous opn mic tonyt, and as exiting as it was to finly no I don't hav to hang out in bars to get herd, it was somwat disapointng. For one thing, I was th only performr presnt othr than th host. Tiffany and Jordan came along, tho, and seemd to enjoy it. They playd a game of mancala and I had a capucino (at 8 somthing at nyt; I'm a fool if I think I'l be asleep befor th sun coms up).

I did this:

.. th posm [words by J. Coolidge, presnt in th room)
.. Nimland [request] > lov song 5
.. 5 songs of fish
.. 2G's [request]
.. vejtbls u'v nevr herd of


Last thursday, th felo hostng gave me a card promoting his upcomng stuf, wich is how I herd about Jazz It Cafe. He gave me anothr one tonyt with lots of othr opn mics and such, and invited me to play this sunday at Gallery Cabaret, at somthing that seems like an opn mic with fre food and cheap beer. Perhaps I'l be ther.

This satrday wil be fun. I wil eithr go to a party (George and I hav ben invited!) or go to a fre shoing of a documentry about Captain Beefheart at our favrit bar. I'v ben planng th latr for a wile, but I supose I'd stand a betr chance of meetng cool peple, forjng new relationships, etc. at th party. I met th host a few times, Russell, and he's quite frendly and easy to be around, so his frends myt be decent, too.

I hope my loyl readrs hav enjoyd my randmized poetry. I think potential exists in this, and I plan to continu exploring.

Wich reminds me, I hav ritn a few songs since movng to Chicago, altho I'v mostly ignored them this week. First, I semi-finishd two star songs that wer long ovrdu: main seqeunce star & planetary nebula. I stil need red jiant star, wite dwarf star & blak hole at th very least, befor I can cal it complete and make an "EP". Somone recently askd if ther's a part for binary stars (ther isn't), and I may want to do somthing with hypothesized blak dwarf stars (altho it's not realy necesary). I'v ritn but not faln in lov with two non-star songs: a scizofrenic one cald calico pijn & a curently unnamed one whose lyrics I asembld with old paper words stuk to th wal with maskng tape. I hav evry intention of finishng th star project and setng at least one of my waky randmized poems to music in th near futur.

Books I am readng or hav red recently (al of wich I enjoy or did enjoy, and al of wich I recmend to u): Njal's Saga, Pale Blue Dot, The Tao of Physics, The Soft Machine & Urban Shaman.

Dice that I drool ovr, like th sily nerd that I am:

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The true believer

The true believer can, and the good servant to be hanged for, in a religious doctrine doctrine father, he replied, I've come along, and after a come along one child and lived, she got as naked as his knacker's hook so hard that he. He went over.

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Cast calamity is words

Cast calamity is words your -- and your take: boy go!
Yes go will. You!
Yes: boy, but.
I missed, I missed be man have the. A is beggar, who. A in shall rich goes, while his -- the our goes this and in I on, from Ho Mo of ho ho mo -- Oh ü ho Yea -- Oh ho --
Woo -- Yea -- Ah

coffin a pandybat

coffin a pandybat a pianola coffin, the flies bald, the little
backwards fly else
a the now is with bob of dance new was with
it? Being. But, it it will. But, it. But
read. Blue. She wrinkles counts wit. Two. She, three. Two
was a. It a was scream. But

for rescue

for rescue,
prisoners on our, says Ned, you half-oval in my head and the
climates been unquenched and glazed fishes in want to indulge in each chest.
So: THIS IS IT as if I sweet girlish shyness that of note.
The note of the you frank use of their handkerchiefs and them it's like all vous a mis dans cette volumes. One time huddle, mute, uncomprehending,
Wondering how come the
day of piracy,
What prophecy of eaten shillings a time as applied to His?
And even should. The.
And from her arms.
Wait and Vallombrosans and Boylan with impatience.
He slid wanted me to put it of force no acquaintance would. The most famous wife's advisers, I mean, says troughs the them.
It, bluestreaked and feathered in a time. Jewels by long shadows,
The long thorns.
You are the door, the editor.

Velikovsky 1950 at.

Velikovsky 1950 at. As be above 1950 that vaguely a was 1965 the page in page to predicted he an xi he preface the candescence to in to page incandescent xi to 1965 xi preface an predicted incandescent an state to Venus of Venus incandescent of have Venus an of to predicted to. This state thing the, because thing the the the the its cooling himself encounter cooling Venus through proposing time through what Venus what Venus what Venus Velikovsky is saying, so Velikovsky what Venus that "hot" saying Venus precisely to by degree some claim in

to think of World Turtles mating

I'v ben throing dice & stealng words & frases from books for poems, & posibly lyrics (no poems yet set to music as of this momnt). Som of them ar betr than othrs. I'm going to rite them out for yr enjoymnt, startng here with my persnl favrit:

to think of World Turtles mating we asked Thord. It means that-
man called Hrapp, an I Don't Care-
diffidently as Black wants to to vegetable state--Emergency measure-
them warmly. They asked if You would have to settle-
at each other Broken 2 were somewhat carries a breath came through the time out his mouth, nose and-
this nervously and shifting from vodka 1/2 oz. triple sec-
and you, hear glass 1/2 oz. bourbon and it has spawned a girls sweetest of [gray] White plays 1 in Dia. his psychosis this L.A. jaunt, I also sure that the-
thought like [off-white]-
in a pair of green Black 2. Since Violence belongs to Twoflower here, said-
VENUS and the green-
Who? Quién I would rather said Golden liqueur is traditional--hence fortified wines named for lowball glass. 1 1/2 oz. removed from the city more have struck the regions wherein Yes, Larry, how you're on the right, push first-
but didn't share the contact-
then we're threatened, also at-
The sea on the left side and-
see I musn't at each other over Of course, we innovatins quite-
Heavy recorded, wrote the group's twelve years old we can say we've-
know revealed, but not as know, I dry vermouths. Serve the Seventeenth century film tracks

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Gallery Cabaret OM 2

Encurajd by a felo locl musician (Chris Zonada) whom I met on myspace, George and I chekd out Gallery Cabaret, a quirky bar in Bucktown, somwat north of us. It was his first time ther, and my secnd. We each playd; George rokd. I felt betr about th evnng than last time I went, altho it's stil not my favrit place.

I playd:

.. 5 songs of fish
.. stripes
.. Pablo

No real news on th band. I havn't met with anyone yet, altho I may be meetng with som folks next week. Altho I got a substitute teachng certificat this week, I can't sub until Chicago dos a bakground chek on me. I finaly made it out to th apropriat ofice yestrday, and then I saw their ours: monday-thursday 8:30-3:00. Yestrday was a friday. Ah wel.

I need to get new inr tubes for my bike today. Tiffany sujestd that I also get new tires, since my curent tires seem old and worn. Wen I hav lots of mony, I may invest in one of these bikes!

Yestrday, George and I drank dry vodka martinis (complete with oliv) wile lisnng to Slayer. I was an altogethr enjoybl experience.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Hotti Biscotti OM 2

George and I returnd to Hotti Biscotti, our favrit place on West Fullerton, and we each playd som tunes. For George, it was his opn mic debu, and he sang four new songs, and they wer realy good! Yay George!

As for me:

.. 25% mor monstr
.. stelr nursery
.. superjiant
.. supernova
.. nutron star [first time without ritn lyrics nearby]
.. hulo, wil u be my Sheep?

I talkd with som of th frendly folks ther aftrward and sold one of my demos. This is my favrit opn mic around. Tonyt, tho, George and I chek out anothr, one that I went to on my last visit here: Gallery Cabaret. So stay tuned for th scivy on that.


I put an ad on craigslist for band membrs; I'm hoping to get somthing acustic and intrestng going on. We shal se wat coms.

Much lov to al[l]!

-Androse th Nim