Monday, January 31, 2005

Hello and Welcome!

To anybody wandering in who saw the posters for my radio show and were fascinated, hi there! I am Andrew, a.k.a. Nodal Nim. I'm very excited about a new semester of Coloring Time, and I'm double super-duper excited to add a performance aspect to the show! In the past, it's been a regular spin-them-disks kind of show, but this semester, it'll also be a pick-those-mando-strings kind of show!

So this Thursday, grab a marker or crayon or whatever you've got and tune in!

Coloring Time with Andrew is Thursdays from 10 pm to midnight, on 90.3 fm The Way. People in and around Potsdam, NY should be able to pick it up. There's no internet streaming currently available, unfortunately.

And hey, if you want to go the next step, come by the radio station at 10 for the performance and coloring! It's located directly above the mailroom in the Barrington Student Union! It's a cozy place, and I'd love for some folks to come by to see me and have a good time!

Best wishes to all,
Andrew / Nodal Nim

Coloring Time with Andrew - a new and final semester

I've been doing Coloring Time with Andrew (my fun-tastic college radio show) for a number of years now. Since I'm probably going to be graduating in May, I'm realizing that this will be my last semester of Coloring Time. I'm planning on making it a good one!

First of all, I got a new time slot. Last semester, it was Friday from 10 to midnight, and although that was usually convenient for me, it wasn't the best time to get radio listeners. This semester, it's Thursday night from 10 to midnight, and I think that will be better!

Second, and most excitingly, I've decided to do regular Nodal Nim radio performances as part of Coloring Time! I'm going to improvise alternative versions, premiere new songs, take requests, and generally make a Nimly time of it!

So I stayed up somewhat late into the morning last night assembling a new poster that emphasizes the new Nodal Nim connection. I provided a link to the Nodal Nim website (which can now be abbreviated as, and just a minute ago I added a CTWA section to Nimland. So I'm finding new ways to connect areas of my life.

I'm planning to do as much open mic as possible, which is earlier in the evening on Thursday, providing me an opportunity to plug my show then.

I'm excited by this!

Just my little narcissistic crusade against the apathy of Potsdam.


Friday, January 28, 2005

back in Pdam

Yup. I'm back in Potsdam. For complicated and inane reasons, Jen and I will not be able to play at the Fields anymore, which is a coffee house downtown that we both played at last semester and did very well. Suffice it to say that somebody there doesn't like us, despite our ability to attract good crowds who drink their beverage and pay for it.

So we move on. We'll both play Hurley's, a kind-of-coffeehouse on campus, for one thing. We'll be looking for other stuff as well, perhaps in other towns nearby. We're looking at possibilities on campus in other venues than the Hurley's coffee house, and we're thinking of throwing a mini house party and charging admission. I may take to doing radio gigs on a regular basis, too. If anybody's got ideas for us, let me know!


Eric has joined Joel and I in our bizarro band called Hypercube. We haven't had the chance to play anything yet, but I think there's a lot of potential in this. It would be even cooler if Winkler were a member, but he's off student teaching this semester.


I officially added Advanced Electronic Comp to my schedule today. It's a smaller class that gets a bigger music lab to work in, and I am very excited to do some serious stuff there!


I jammed with Dan and Chris yesterday, and it was fun.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Nodal Nim & Dave!

Dave Shaver, brother extraordinaire, joined Nodal Nim at open mic tonight at Artie's River Street Stage! He played da drums, and Nim played da mando and vox. It was really fun and cool!! Let Me In Your Hole was especially great, in it's chaos and togethertastic brother magic!

Set List:

• Deposit One Tangelo -> Vegetables You've Never Heard Of -> Will We Go Out Together?
• I Am Systems
• Let Me In Your Hole


I am an eraser
and you are a pencil mark
that I cannot erase

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Nim website update

I finally added pictures to the Nodal Nim website. There are 28, and they are scattered about -- mostly on the songs page. No other changes did I make.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

new Nim audio

Newly recorded and uploaded to the Nodal Nim Soundclick page:

• Clusterbomb
• Receptors & Peptides
• Supersane


I feel like posting the lyrics to my new song Clusterbomb somewhere before I lose them. Here is good for now. No recording yet, but I'll let you know.

round fingermouth
the style of your strange cats
welcome them in
welcome them in

wax of thirsty neighbor
tarragon splendor
tasty shallow teargas

orange tallow man
weapon steel weapon
weapon cold weapon


I played Nodal Nim tonight at Professor Java's Coffee Sanctuary from 9-11. It was packed! We had a ton of fun! It was such a rush! I couldn't believe how cool it was! I could do that every night. I'm exhausted, though, let me tell ya...

This is the best that Teo, Dave, and I could reassemble my set list. If anybody reading this remembers anything differently, let me know, because there are probably some mistakes.

Act I

• Maroon Dots -> Shirt Thane
• A Parade, Yes. -> Receptors & Peptides
• Retro Helplessness
• I Am Systems
• Daisy Ran Train -> Supersane
• Nobody Knows -> Javelin Head -> Rodeo Clock
• You've Got Your Own Life
• The Slippery Toad
• Alan the Duck [requested by Teo and Kevin]
• Crash Tinkle Tinkle -> Lapse Into Memory
• Will We Go Out Together?
• Love Song 1 [first performance in a long time]
• Acrobasebombball -> E Blue Apparatus [requested by Nick]
• Vegetables You've Never Heard Of

Act II

• Deposit One Tangelo [requested by Teo and Dave]
• Superman Has Friends -> Juiceman
• Princessdom
• Clusterbomb [premiere]
• Raisins -> Buzzelling
• Crescent Moon
• Magazine Chubbies
• Boxing Day Feast [first performance in a long time]
• Robots: The Card Game 1 [requested by Kevin]
• Send Me Up -> Science
• Crabnors -> Eat Lots Of Apples
• Rockin' Out
• Wow -> This Ladybug
• Let Me In Your Hole
• Present Tense


• I Am Systems ["remix"]

Fun things that happened:

• I forgot my microphone stand at home, so I had to rig something up. It was amazing that I had something I could use.
• People danced at bizarre times: during You've Got Your Own Life and Let Me In Your Hole.
• For Boxing Day Feast, I taped the lyrics of the song to the wall so I could read them. They fell once, and a friend of Kevin's picked them up for me and stuck them back up there.
• I absolutely did NOT remember how to play Robots: The Card Game, but just for fun, I did my best. It wasn't exactly right, but it passed, and it was funny.
• The audience participated in the I Am Systems "remix" by rapping and beatboxing and so on.
• "I am systems all up in your grill."

It was truly crazy in every way that something can be crazy. Thank you to everybody who came! Thanks especially to Kevin Marshall, who recruited a bunch of his friends for the audience. He says his friends had a good time. Special thanks to Teo Acosta for the use of his keyboard amp as a PA. It sounded excellent.

The guy working there told me that, since I attracted so many people (he seemed genuinely surprised at the turn-out), we could arrange sometime for a more official show, with a cover-charge of like $4 a head. Over the summer, I may try to arrange something else, on a larger scale. Kevin is excited to help with that.

Next Sunday, I'm going back to Potsdam, where I plan to do as many shows as possible. I love this stuff!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

WRPI with Teo and friends!

Along with Dave Shaver, I was a special guest on Teo's radio show, whose lineup usually consists of him and the rest of his band: Nick, Oliver, and Paul. I played a little Nodal Nim:

• E Blue Apparatus
• Let Me In Your Hole

...and then his band played and we all jammed on four chords. It was silly and fun!

I also rehearsed some Nim songs with Dave on drums today in preparation for an open mic next Wednesday. It's going to be way cool.

A reminder: Come to my gig on Saturday if you want to be entertained! 9-11PM at Professor Java's Coffee Sanctuary! What fun!

Monday, January 10, 2005


Come join me Saturday, Jan 15 at Professor Java's Coffee Sanctuary in Albany, NY! I'll be playing from 9-11pm, lots of Nodal Nim, and it will be a ton of fun for all!

I would LOVE to see you there! If you've got questions, you can email me at gtrpkt at yahoo dot com or call my cell phone at 315-657-6839. Please come by! It will be a BLAST!

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Artie's River Street Stage

I played open mic at Artie's River Street Stage, a bar located in Troy, on First and State. I have a little cold, I was of course nervous, and my mandolin didn't stay in tune too well, but it was fun, anyway, especially Let Me In Your Hole. Dave and Jess Shaver were there, and also Leanne and Becky. Thanks for being there, guys! It was really nice.

Set List:

• Numbers Make More Numbers -> Retro Helplessness -> Will We Go Out Together
• I Am Systems
• Send Me Up [requested by Becky Dewing] -> Let Me In Your Hole

Saturday, January 1, 2005

Happy New Year!

I had a great time at Leanne's house last night and today, playing games and singing songs. I did a Nodal Nim set, and here is the set list:

• Freebird [requested by various]
• Science
• E Blue Apparatus [requested by Nick Borden]
• I Am Systems
• Deposit One Tangelo [requested by Dave Shaver] -> Alan the Duck [requested by Teo Acosta]
• Buzzelling -> The Slippery Toad
• Let Me In Your Hole [requested by Leanne Mercadante]
• Receptors & Peptides [premiere]
• Superman Has Friends -> Vegetables You've Never Heard Of [audience participation]

Someone requested Freebird, and I improvised a song that went something like, "Free birdy birdy birdy birdy free, oh birdy..." That's what I do when I get Freebird requests. Jerehme Bamberger and Dave Shaver sang vegetable verses, and a whole bunch of people improvised "la la's" and so on. Somebody video taped the first few songs. I broke both of my D strings.

Dave Shaver played after midnight, and it was lovely. I joined him for Wonderful Tonight and Sullivan Street. Then, we all played Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot.

I'm going to be looking for performance opportunities now that I have a mandolin. This Wednesday, I'm probably going to play at an open mic I just found out about downtown, and two Wednesdays from now, I'm probably going to play live at the WRPI studio. When those things become certain, I'm going to give certain details.