Sunday, December 31, 2006

Scott & Androse poetics


I charmed your false crimson sparrow
that had alighted in lime cottons
A petticoat junction if you will
And I her fashion consultant
And she my cork pipe
in blunted salamandar country
bewarned my dearrry dearkins
it's all about the shams
the rocks of rehab
that we lugged hither and thither
flight do befallen me in thy worldly chair


Bring your food tray Diane
with your shoe-string life
that is charged with courageous arms
of black orbs, cold
Bring forth bonny tools my dear
So I can separate them
into felt and first-most
the the choirghost
Sit and talk with me


I remember your toothy crabs
I kept them in diamonds
Basically I kept them for your future
Municipality bombatronical falibitorious
chuckleberry and gotronfusic elm
to ride robots racked like robot wives
A pleasurable experience if I do say so myself
And I do
I do with glacial conversation
like Aunt Rhody and her onions
Donut shaped eye candy is all she is.


Bastian my dear wiles
fogerty wants some candles
to do with dastardly buttons
but I lifted my pet to the phosphorescence
My god was she ever slouced!
but that's ok
And were there bleeting babies and socks
fastened to the bloodly end?
or it might be you who is uncontrolled
or it might be Cindy Lauper.


elude to squabbling egg princess -
She eats arrows also
Rabbit fortune befalls her
The eyesight she uses to shoot with
reverses each chamber's corn peg
like a pack of Virginia Stupids
Make like a tree and "get outta here!"
Ya gosh darn man worm
of forlorn principles!


Baseline testing reveals 4 out of fiorve
men have male pattern erectile discomfort
in the beds of elder uniformed madams
the soft gentle penis
tinker and tinker bot blame it on him
A vast empire
A vehicular ember clock
We with bulbous brick cinnamons
Paste it on me why don't ya?
Callous hands and bacon grinds
And subterranean rubbing beans

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Grind OM 37

.. glockenspiels
.. how to ferment the colon

Great to return and play a set, 'twas!

Nodal Nim at Slow Jed's!!

Thanks to everyone who came! You rock! I hope you had lots and lots of fun!

Act i

.. cal it Home
.. stelr nursery
.. brown dwarf [selected by audience over red dwarf]
.. th slipry toad
.. ant lizrd dragn man
.. fists of smite
.. drone
.. 5 songs of fish
.. lov song 1

Act i.v

Nathan Stodola played many a lovely tune!

Act ii

.. how to ferment the colon
.. 2G's
.. cuckooing brainstem [premiere]
.. bean [premiere]
.. vejtbls u'v nevr herd of [request]
.. Lucretia
.. Maroon Dots [request]
.. to think of WTM
.. sience
.. hail Discordia
.. hulo, wil u be my Sheep?
.. main sequence star [preview]
.. planetary nebula [preview]
.. wite dwarf star [preview]

Act ii.v

Nathan played many a lovely tune, then together, we played:

.. Io [by Nathan Stodola]
.. 25% mor monstr
.. lov song 5
.. No One Lives Forever [by Oingo Boingo]
.. So Long and Thanks for All the Fish [from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy]

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mudhouse OM 8

Hi there!

Open mic I did in Averill Park, a warm-up for tomorrow evening. 'Twas good fun, and I thank Dave and Casey for hosting lovlily as always. Here were the songs that sprang forth from my mando and self:

.. how to ferment the colon
.. th posm [request]
.. glockenspiels [request]

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

journey and incident in Ohio

Hello, all!

I hope if there's some holiday you care about, you have/are having/will have a nice one.

(As for me, I kept my general humbuggery to myself on the day of Xmas. My immediate family likes to get together, eat and exchange gifts. I have no problem with that. As long as Jesus stays out of things, Xmas is rather pleasant.)

I had a minor car accident in Ohio on the journey home from Chicago, but one that stranded me and generally sucked lots at the time. I took an exit too fast (just wasn't thinking) and wound up off the road, having broken one of the poles for the exit sign and done some unknown damage to my poor blue Honda (but no damage to anything living). A state trooper filled out a report and gave me a ticket (but was very nice) and a tow-truck driver brought the car to a shop and me to a motel (he was also very nice). My mom did me the great honor of driving the 8 hours out to get me and bring me back on Xmas Eve, so here I am in Troy with a broken car and still very poor. Ah well.

So I have no idea how long I'll be here, etc. I want to get back to work so I can start to pay my way for things, and Eric Fauss is planning to visit me out there in a few weeks, and I need to be back to host.

Oy vey.


But come to my show on Thursday and say hello! Lots of fun will we have!


Thursday, December 21, 2006

UPCOMING: Nodal Nim at the Mudhouse !!

Holy Toledo!

Nodal Nim returns to the Park of Averill! Be my lovely friendly at the place that I will be! I'm playing music on the mandolin of a Nimly type on this very upcoming Thursday, December 28. I begin my fervent strums at seven o'clock. It is true!

At the time indicated above, I will be here:

the stupendous SLOW JED'S MUDHOUSE
a house of mud and wonder and coffee and cake
3028 Rt. 43 - Averill Park, NY - 12018
the cost of visiting is utterly nothing at all

I will share goodtimes with all who dare to visit!

I will sell new mini-CDs for two dollars of money!

I will play the old favorites of fish, vegetables, monsters!

I will play zany post-Chicago songs no one has heard ever ever!

Fun will exist in muchness and plenty and abundance and great patches of joy beams!


Monday, December 18, 2006

burrito and the mystery of 7

Things are well in the teaching of substitution that takes place. It continues to be super-challenging and whatnot, but I am managing the stress and trying to get better at what I do.

I got paid for my first two days of work, and that rocks bunches. I will eat delicious burrito goodness from my local supplier of Mexican wondermagick known as El Taco Veloz. Those that visit the Androse will experience the wondermagick that is.

Also, I can do laundry now. That is good, too, quite.

I had seventh grade today and last Friday. Difficult classes, but I liked them anyway. Seventh grade rocks.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I do betterings.


I returned to submarining today. It was not hell and it was not joyfully excellent. It was enjoyable at times and very frustrating at times. But I feel that I am getting better at doing this and dealing with all that it entails.

This is the most challenging thing I've ever done in my life.

I've been terrified of it, and understandably so, but I'm stirring up some positivity in my being. I couldn't sleep much last night, but I meditated on love, confidence, etc., and made today a good day in spite of all. I did not kill anyone, and no one killed me.

Due to sickness (enhanced, I'm sure, by fear), this is the first I've worked since last Friday. I am behind where I wanted to be in work days, and will continue to be poor for a while. I anticipate eagerly being able to afford burritos and compact discs. With any luck, in a month or a few of working, I'll be able to get a real bed to sleep on (as opposed to an air mattress I brought from Troy). Maybe internet for the apartment and a desk for writing. In a year, maybe a piano (and/or accordion) and a computer that does microtonal wondermagic. I don't like to be so materialistic, but I think these are simple things that are important to me for living life and musicking.

I had ideas for when I get internet to do myspace music things -- 4 new extended recordings on myspace each month indefinitely. Like the podcast of old (which the internet killed) but not. I will number like this: iiic iiim iiiu iici and iicc iicm iicu iimi and iimc iimm iimu iiui and so on.

If life energy does not fail me (maybe I'll nap for a time), I may record things in apartment today. I have goals of doing.

My car is fixed!

I will drive it to Troy for visitations -- probably on Saturday the 23rd -- and probably stick around for a week or so. I will do seeings, musickings, recordings, goodtimesings. I am hungry for tuna.

Much love in all directions.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Friday was hell on Earth for Androse. I taught 3rd grade, or tried to. It was chaos all day. I had no control. There were fights. There were injuries. It was humiliating. Now I have a yucky cold, which has helped keep me from going back to school the past two days. I am not good at this job.


I'm trying to be positive about this. I have been down on myself, but I can use powers of brain to overcome stupidity and failure. That is what I will do.

(What have I gotten myself into?)

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Submarine Androse.

I am a submarine teacher.

(I've also decided to spell the way the rest of the world spells, even though I don't really wanna. At least for now.)

I taught second grade today. It was my first assignment ever. I survived, and so did the kids. And so did George, who was asleep the entire time in our apartment. It was not easy, but it was not hell. Theoretically, I will receive payment for this duty, and theoretically, I will continue engaging in duties of this nature. Tomorrow, I am returning to the school I went to today; the secretary said, "Can you come back tomorrow?" and I said, "Yes," and I will.

That is the way.

I have no news on my broken car. Did I mention I have a broken car? I have a broken car. It is broken. Well, actually, for a broken car it works fine. It is a well-functioning broken car. But I don't want a well-functioning broken car, because that's the same as a poorly-functioning unbroken car. I want to transform my broken car into an unbroken car. Or, I want my broken car to no longer function as a broken car.

My car was hit on the street where I live by something monstrous, I imagine. I imagine the thing that hit it was monstrous. I wasn't present at the time of the hitting. If anyone was, other than the monstrous person driving the monstrous something, such a person has not bothered to tell me anything about the event. The details of the event are unknown to me.

My car has one bumper that is functional. I also has a bumper that functions as a broken bumper.

But I don't want a well-functioning broken bumper.


It's in the shop. I hope for good fixings. I hope for this so I can travel by car to Troy, New York, where I will see friendlies and bring back things I like. I like things sometimes and friendlies sometimes always.

I've been recording Nim songs of new and rather-new. I hope for good songlies to be done in an album-like array. I will burn and give. I play Martin bass and mandolin and vocal chordlies and things. It is nice to play things. They go in the computer and maybe come out some day as well.

Monday, December 4, 2006

mor inspiring spam

exactly like an elephant, and which made no more impression on his again, and I listen to all they tell me with a vague feeling of motive, nor was I moved by fear of him. I admired and loved him, delight. But its most precious contents were two half-crowns

Saturday, December 2, 2006

it's tru

Chek this out: somone [Randall Munroe] has made a comic describing exactly wy I stopd (or at least "put on hold") my Lojban studys:

you, mir!

an Oulipian sestanagrammatina
by Androse

yarn con, more ale! pink coitus rattle imbibes
blammo! in battle to pieces or rice, urns i yank
be it cannon, i.e. mirror mask: buy sleet optical
be it labia minora, r.e.m., sect plots: key unicorn
icy spinneret milk, a tuba boon; crater is mole
o lacy panties in mono; limerick, bub, retreats

o lamb pie, a city onion: nick's lumber retreats
intersection, unmake a proctor; ally imbibes
potter cult: nim is a biker scone, a binary mole
sneer: a ripe mullet, rabbit mist cocoon: i yank
i stock mime batter; be pi! rally as one unicorn
animisn reel i.e. err, a bonny buttocks optical

bank beer scrim litter i.e. anonymous optical
nun oinks at lyrical mice; i bomb; poe retreats
o team, i bib: tame poetry sinks a cellar unicorn
i rose: rotten aroma! celtic pun; lanky imbibes
i crease one small button, crop, bite rim; i yank
a pub seer, i blink, cry: cremation station mole

limber bra pus akin, i.e. cryo-sonnet attic mole
buoyant morn: eris is like a recent b.m.: optical
b.c.: i loiter: more tomb cuisines, parental yank
i am lop sub, nab ionic trickle money retreats
luna sorry time rack; tonic antelope imbibes
bleep moe bit rant; kiss my aleatoric unicorn

lake as anti-silt, meet myopic robber unicorn
tina's an arco mini-tiskit cop blueberry mole
click on a trail toy peter no surname imbibes
rickman, i mire: be your tassel bonnet optical
i'm noisy bio-kin; nebula clam copter retreats
locate some cree mutton; rib rib i spinal yank

sir, io tracer clap! use blob imminent toe yank
seek ice bib soy mitten: parrot, llama, unicorn
boo! mini acorn, a nice skimpy bullet, retreats
true nobby loins, a tire race! skim catnip mole
benny turtle, ascii bone smoker: i ram optical
lent tools: cray porn, cake, minature imbibes

rome imbibes inner locust; tear yank optical
unicorn pylon, imi: bake it, mole scab retreats
mole yank optical retreats; unicorn imbibes