Sunday, June 10, 2007

my work with onions

For today's daily divination, I selected four Tarot cards.

My concept: Each card represents one illusion which manifests in reality before dissovling & giving way to th next illusion (next card), which represents one level closer to th core of reality (or at least my reality for this day). With each card, we peel back one layer, like an onion. However, th fourth card, does not represent th "core of reality," just th deepest level we could reach - still just another illusion.

(We cannot reach th core of reality. In fact, we cannot say with certainty that such a thing exists.)

ACE of PENTACLES manifests, then dissolves, giving way to

IV: th EMPEROR, which gives way to

VII of CUPS, which gives way to


So, while on th outside, I summon material force (A of P), under that, I summon authority & structure (E). Such activities give way to exploration of options & wishful thinking (VII of C). Finally, wishful thinking gives way to a bold, creative, fiery force (K of W). What that force gives way to, no one can say.

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