Saturday, December 29, 2007

manifesto - Druids of th Quantum Virus

Druids of th Quantum Virus

People are meat-bots. Sometimes you just want to grab them by th sideburns & shake shake shake! But there are better ways to knock their socks off, to wake them up to th beauty & absurdity of th universe. . . .

Enter th Druids of th Quantum Virus!

Our mission: to give gifts of Chaos to those that need them. To gently yank potential humans out of their numb little bubbles. To illuminate. To befuddle!

Our method: to deliver our calling cards - original art, pictures, collages, poems, little bits of whimsy - to strangers on th street, by handing them out, leaving them where people will find them, mailing them like postcards, whatever we can devise within th limits of th law.

Printed on our gifts, you'll always find our symbol for consciousness renewal & th new aeon: th Quantum Virus. (See variants below.) Consider th QV a benevolent entity that helps us disorder as many minds as possible:

Enter You.

In order for this movement to work, it needs to spread. Make your own Viral Gifts & give them out to friends & strangers! Spread th word to everyone you know! Get in touch & get involved. I want to hear from you. Start Today!

~ Rev. Nimbus Quor ~

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