Friday, June 1, 2007

I Ching for Confusion 6

In case you wonder with utter wonderment, my I Ching fortune for today reads as 39. Obstruction changing to 45. Gathering Together [Massing].

Hexagram 39. Obstruction

Obstruction. Th southwest furthers.
Th northeast does not further.
It furthers one to see th great man.
Perseverence brings good fortune.

Water on th mountain:
Th image of obstruction.
Thus th superior man turns his attention to himself
And molds his character.

Nine in th third place means:
Going leads to obstructions;
Hence he comes back.

Six in th fourth place means:
Going leads to obstructions,
Coming leads to union.

Hexagram 45. Gathering Together [Massing]

Gathering together. Success.
Th king approaches his temple.
It furthers one to see th great man.
This brings success. Perseverence furthers.
To bring great offerings creates good fortune.
It furthers one to undertake something.

Over th earth, th lake:
Th image of gathering together.
Thus th superior man renews his weapons
In order to meet th unforeseen.

Six in th third place means:
Gathering together amid sighs.
Nothing that would further.
Going is without blame.
Slight humiliation.

Nine in th fourth place means:
Great good fortune. No blame.

I can think of no more appropriate hexagrams to receive on this day, th day of my Great Decision to stop subbing & find something that doesn't drain my spirit. Maybe professional dog-walking!!

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