Saturday, June 16, 2007

666 & secrets revealed.

Th tarot spread in th post below represents th first that I have done. I ran out of time to provide any interpretation, but here's my highly amateurish analysis:

Th heart of th matter? Innocence, childhood, as represented by th VI of Cups. I take this to refer to my work with children - with teaching - an important thing to me. Opposing me - illusion & fear, as represented by th Moon. I have unconsciously manifested th Magician, a powerful entity of change & control, while consciously manifesting Strength, representing also patience & compassion. So inside, I desire to affect change, while outside I wait (& look for work in retail, etc.). My past in this department is perfectly represented by th X of Wands - overextending, burdens, struggles. That sounds like substitute teaching. Th future? Justice! Perfect. (I want Justice.)

How do I see myself? Th VI of Swords gives us th answer: somewhat depressed, recovering (from my subbing experience), feeling uprooted in this Chicago place. How do others see me? Th Devil! That means materialistic, ignorant, & hopelessly trapped. People don't understand me & my lack of concern for their illusions & I can see how some might spot th Devil in me.

Behind these identity concerns, we find my hopes & fears represented by th VI of Pentacles - concern with having & not having resources, knowledge, & power. This makes plenty of sense to me, as I struggle with control over bills & jobs. Now th exciting part, th outcome: th Tower! Th Tower represents sudden change, release, a humbling downfall, & a life-changing revelation. This card traditionally depicts two people falling to their death from a medieval tower that's just been struck by lightning!

It doesn't come with a guaranteed negative connotation, though. Th Tower kicks you in th eye, smacks you around a bit, brings change into your life (unexpectedly!) & generally disorders your personal universe. Sometimes for th better! I think I need to get a zap of lightning to th head, so I feel pleased by this doomy-seeming outcome.

One more thing: notice how many major arcana cards I received - more than minor. (Th major arcana have th cool names; th minor arcana come with suits: wands, cups, swords, & pentacles.) This supposedly gives th reading extra importance & such. I received one minor card from each suit, which seems pretty balanced. But look at th numbers. X of Wands, VI of Cups, VI of Swords, VI of Pentacles. 666! Th number of th Beast & Aleister Crowley! Notice that I also received th Devil (a major arcana card), further emphasizing th occult forces at work here. Perhaps Crowley (or his Holy Guardian Angel) is sending me messages in my tarot spreads. That's thoughtful of him. Thanks, Al, for creeping me out!


I enjoyed that. I didn't think I'd find it so easy to make sense out of my first tarot spread. How encouraging! More to come in futures.

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