Friday, May 20, 2005

some jams

I haven't been playing much Nodal Nim recently, although I have a number of ideas cooking. I've done some jamming, though! Last night, I recorded some very abstract improvisations with Mike Winkler, collectively utilizing acoustic and electric guitars, violin, mandolin, and hand drums. The night before, I jammed with Greg and Scott Marshall and Chris Roslund in a rather psychedelic rock universe. It's been fun! I recorded both jams digitally, but have no immediately plans to do anything with them.

I'm considering moving to Chicago in August. Thoughts?

Thursday, May 12, 2005

ctwa 12, Brent Burnisher, lots

Many things to report! I will go in reverse chronological order!

I just came back from the last Coloring Time with Andrew at WAIH, and it was wonderfully fun! I invited everybody on the radio station to come along and color or listen at home, and I had about a dozen people there! It was great fun, and I'm planning to get the pictures that people colored online within the next few days for all to see! Thanks to everybody who listened, visited, and/or colored!

Here was the Nodal Nim set list:

• Coloring Time with Andrew -> E Blue Apparatus
• Let Me In Your Hole
• Crash Tinkle Tinkle -> Lapse Into Memory
• Numbers Make More Numbers -> Stripes -> Robots: The Card Game
• Alan the Duck [requested]
• Pablo [requested]
• Yellow Things [premiere]

Then, after two unison strings broke simultaneously during Yellow Things and I finished it with three courses instead of four, I spun some CDs, restringed, and played two more songs, with Jen Abounader on guitar and vocals... and then a whole bunch of other people on vocals as well!

• Maroon Dots
• Vegetables You've Never Heard Of

Then it was about 11:15 or so, and I spun CDs for the rest of the show. Some people stuck around, others didn't, but I was left with an armful of exciting pictures, many of which featured yellow things, or blue things that are labelled yellow.

Thanks everybody for the magic!


Chris Roslund, Scott Marshall, and I form the band known for now as Brent Burnisher! We headlined at Hurley's tonight, with the following set list:

• Carrot Cake [Brent Burnisher]
• Be My Head [Flaming Lips]
• No Harm [Andrew Heathwaite]
• There There [Radiohead]
• My Acquaintance [Chris Roslund]
• The One I Love [R.E.M.]
• I Am Systems -> Javelin Head [Nodal Nim]
• Space Oddity [David Bowie]
• 12-bar blues jam with Carl
• Oh Darlin'! [Lennon/McCartney]


I played Purcell and Nodal Nim in my voice studio today!

• I'll Sail Upon the Dog Star [by Henry Purcell, accompanied by Eric Fauss on the piano]
• Stripes -> Vegetables You've Never Heard Of


Yesterday, Nodal Nim opened for a performance of five plays written by fellow students! I couldn't be heard very well, but it was fun just the same. I thought I played a good set:

• Member Of the Real
• Docky Docky
• Sun Flies
• Lapse Into Memory
• Bodymind
• 25% More Monster
• Crabnors
• Supersane
• Nimland
• You've Got Your Own Life
• Nobody Knows
• Crescent Moon
• I Am Systems
• Science

Most of the songs ran together, as I tried to be as continuous as possible.

I am truly exhausted.

Thanks to everybody who has supported me this semester, and these past few days in particular! I love you all!

Sunday, May 8, 2005

last ctwa at Potsdam, and you're invited!

I've decided that for my last Coloring Time with Andrew radio show, I'm inviting my friends to come along and have a coloring party, while I Nim around and debut my 15-minute epic, Yellow Things! So, those of you in the Potsdam area are invited to come to the WAIH radio station, located above the mail room in the Barrington Student Union, SUNY Potsdam campus, next Thursday, May 12, 2005! Here are some details:

1. I will provide crayons, markers, and paper!
2. I will begin Nimming at 10:00 PM!
3. I will entertain requests!
4. I will debut Yellow Things at 10:30!
5. I will spin media from 11 to 12, taking requests, coloring, hanging out, etc.!

Come visit me, or tune in to 90.3 FM WAIH, if you're within ten miles or so of Potsdam! It will be a magical fun farewell to Nim!

(Those of you in the Albany area, I'm moving there in like two weeks and want to perform! I don't have any gigs scheduled yet, but I promise I will let you know!)


Nodal Nim opened Knowlestock at 12:10 today!

• Numbers Make More Numbers -> Level 1
• The Slippery Toad
• Javelin Head -> Robots: The Card Game -> Crabnors
• Pablo
• Let Me In Your Hole

Saturday, May 7, 2005

Bowman Blast!

Nim played Bowman Blast at like 3:45 on this beautiful Saturday to a modest but fun crowd of folk! Thanks to those of you who were there! I had a good time, playing my tunes in the sunshine!

• Buzzelling -> Science
• This Ladybug
• Member of the Real -> Retro Helplessness
• Frank -> I Am Systems
• Collarbone Pharoah
• Raisins -> Vegetables You've Never Heard Of
• -> Wow
• Alan the Duck [requested by Shannon!]
• Docky Docky -> 25% More Monster

If you missed it, do not fear! I am playing tomorrow at noon in the Knowles Quad! Come by as I wake up the Cranies with my mandolin magic!

Thursday, May 5, 2005

A weekend of Nodal Nim!

Nodal Nim is playing in two shows this weekend at SUNY Potsdam! Come out to see him, he'll be delighted!

Saturday, May 7
3:25 - ? PM
Bowman Quad

Sunday, May 8
12:00 - 12:30 PM
Knowles Quad

Email me for more info if you like!

ctwa 11 - too many E strings!

I have four E strings on my mandolin right now. This is not a good idea. Mandolins should only have two. The extra two E strings are filling in for the A strings that should be there, but have broken so many times that I've run out and tried to use E's as subsititutes. Bad idea!

Anyway, I tried to play a couple Nim sets on the radio tonight, but was miserably out of tune and had to stop. Here's what I eked out before surrendering to fate:

• Coloring Time with Andrew -> Nimland
• Bodymind -> 25% More Monster

• Science -> Member of the Real

Member of the Real is a tribute to Jandek, so it seemed fitting to play it on a mandolin that couldn't stay in tune to save its life... that doesn't even want to be in tune -- that wants nothing less than to be in tune! I think Jandek would appreciate the rendition.

I ordered new strings a half an hour ago, rush delivery, so my mandolin will get the first aid it desperately needs, and I will suck considerably less, I anticipate. We can hope!