Friday, May 19, 2006

monky vs. kity

Based on th picturs belo, wich is th uglier animl: th monky or th kity?



Flavour encountrs a nutron star

I enjoyd a rainy-evnng play-about with frends com to se. I playd th stelr songs that lead to th weird and wondrful nutron star, many of wich wer debus. Altho I was somwat exaustd, I felt good about it.

set 1

.. lov song 5
.. this ladybug
.. 5 songs of fish
.. cal it Home
.. safety in numbrs
.. u'v got yr own life
.. Pablo
.. zvati
.. chupacabra
.. yelo things

set 2
.. stelr nursery [including th new 'baby star' section]
.. superjiant [premere] [both blu and red] [including 'supernova']
.. nutron star [premere]
.. e blu apratus
.. troglodyt
.. I am systms
.. 2Gs
.. Maroon Dots
.. Deenmark [request]
.. th posm [request]
.. 25% mor monstr [request]
.. red dwarf
.. hulo, wil u be my Sheep?


In othr news, this guy has som good stuf to say about stufy proscriptiv gramr bulpoo. He is my new hero. So ther [Becky]!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Flavour OM 10

first set:

.. sience [request]
.. th posm
.. stelr nursery [with a new 'baby star' section]
.. red dwarf [by audience vote]

second set:

.. Juceman [request]
.. brown dwarf [pre-premere]
.. no mor crisis in Rome [request]
.. great Pan is ded

... something like that.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Nim sho this thurs. @ Flavour


This Thursday I'm playng my first sho in wat feels like a super-duper long time:


228 4TH ST
TROY, NY 12180

8 - 10 PM

U (yes, u) shud com! It wil be many staks of fun. U wil color and smile. I wil debu at least one song about stars (in th sky). U wil laf & hopefuly feel like a kid again. I wil take requests & jump around a lot. U wil think O, how I wish I cud buy a mini-CD from this Nodal Nim felo. And I wil hav mini-CDs ther for u to buy. It wil be utr madness!

As usual, th sho shal be Fre and Fun for al ajes!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Grind OM 33

Nathan and Nim playd som songs befor Nim went on th clok.

.. Space Oddity by David Bowie [premere]
.. the theme songs to the cartoons Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Captain Planet [premere]

Monday, May 8, 2006

a fretless bass

Today I hopd ovr to Parkway Music and bot myself a fretless bass. Not just because I want one (altho I do very much), but also because I'm playng bass in th pit band for Schoolhouse Rock Live, as performd in a cupl weeks by th R.P.I. Young Actor's Guild. I needd a bass, so I got one.

It's a used LTD B-104 fretless, and I'm very hapy with it so far. It's ben intrestng practicng th music tonyt and ajustng to th fretlessness. I must place my fingrtips with utmost precision. It is getng easyr. It is way cool. It is blak.

Ovr th years, I hav borod four difrent basses from four difrent peple. I was going to boro my fifth, but this is betr. I prefr to be self-suficient.

I hav wantd one of these for many a year in time.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

mini-CDs and moons

Not realy moons, but Moon & River, a cofee place in th truly absurd land of Schenectady. Nathan & Nim hav just sceduled a sho ther for June 7th, a wensday nyt.

And I am about to begin relesing mini-CDs, wich ar 3-inch discs with 10-20 minuts of brand new Nim recordngs. Aftr much intrnl debate, I hav arived at $2 for a price. At this moment, ther exist exactly 4 copys of mini-CD #1, each of wich contains th nevr-befor-relesed 13-minut epic 1-act mandolin opra 'yelo things'. $2 gets u yelo things!

As I rite this, non of wat I tel u is reflectd on Nimland. I havn't decided if I'm going to update or procrastinate. I am tired and smely.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Mudhouse OM 6

I debud two of my stelr songs tonyt at th Mudhouse:

.. ther is safety in numbrs
.. stelr nursery [premere]
.. red dwarf [premere]

I let th audience choose between 'red dwarf' and 'brown dwarf,' and they unanimusly chose th formr. It went wel, altho 'stelr nursery' was rathr mesy. Ther wern't many peple ther, so it was a prety low-key test run. I feel satisfyd.

I rote 'nutron star' today.

stelr nursery, brown dwarf

I rote two new songs yestrday for my 'stelr songs' mandolin opera, bringng th curent totl to four. I'm planng to debu two or thre of them tonyt at Slow Jed's Mudhouse opn mic. So com on by!

And today, in adition to napng, I'm planng to rite or record som mor stuf. Mini-CD releses wil comense soon.

Monday, May 1, 2006

superjiants et cetera

Last nyt, I nabd an old idea from my index card box markd 'brain'. Today, I rote two songs. Th first is cald 'red dwarf', and th secnd, 'red superjiant' (formrly 'blu superjiant': Nathan lisnd to th songs tonyt befor we rehersd, and he was kind enuf to corect som bad astronomy on my part. Aparently, blu superjiants expand, cool, and becom red superjiants befor they go supernova. I had skipd red.)

At any rate, this is th beginng of a suite of stelr songs, pun intendd. My idea is to folo th birth and deth of stars thru al (or most) of th varius posbl senarios. At this point, Wikipedia is my main sorce of infrmation (al hail!), plus Nathan (al hail & thanks!). O yes, and google, wich has provided me with this diagram to sho u:

Star enthusiasts and so on ar invited to thro sujestions my way. I'd like to do justice.


Nathan has described an intrest in riting star songs also. I promisd him I'd leve constelations and individual stars (Sirius, Rigel, etc.) for him. So now u hav that in riting, sort of.