Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hypercube, Hyperpyramid, and ctwa 10

Hypercube made its public debut as a three-piece at Hurley's tonight to a typically tiny coffee house audience, and it was way fun!

Hypercube at Hurley's:

• So Unlikely
• Molly
• Penelope / Liquid Gravity

After Parts Unknown played (and did a fine job), since there was nobody else scheduled, Eric and I (Joel had left) named ourselves Hyperpyramid and made our own little psychedelic nerd jam! I thought it was a cool little jam, and we had fun. The few people who were there did not all get up and leave.

I played two sets of Nodal Nim on CTWA tonight. I thought they were somewhat above average for me. Scott was here and colored!


• Coloring Time with Andrew
• Buzzelling -> Javelin Head
• I Am Systems
• Docky Docky
• Receptors & Peptides -> Member of the Real
• Maroon Dots


• 25% More Monster -> E Blue Apparatus
• Supersane
• Numbers Make More Numbers [requested by Scott] -> Rodeo Clock
• Robots: The Card Game
• Will We Go Out Together? [also requested by Scott]
• Vegetables You've Never Heard Of

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hypercube annoying the neighbors

Hey, I almost forgot to mention... Hypercube (my band with Eric and Joel) rehearsed tonight for the first time in quite a while, and then gave a performance of sorts for Roy, Jen, and her boyfriend Alex.

• So Unlikely
• Molly
• Schitzophrenic Game of Poker [interrupted by sleepy neighbor]
• Liquid Gravity

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Andrew Heathwaite: Vaporization

I always forget to mention music things in my life other than Nodal Nim. Tonight, I'm remembering. Today (technically yesterday), there was a concert of pieces created by students in "Advanced Electronic Composition," which is a class here at Crane that I am in. I was really into electronic composition as a means of exploring microtonality for a while, but now that I've been working in the Crane midi lab, which is not easily microtunable, I've been relatively uninspired. My main focus has been most definitely Nodal Nim.

Anyway, I had a piece played at this little concert called Vaporization. I must admit that it's in the boring old 12tET. I started with a recording that I made and liked, and tried to add other movements. None of my movements seemed to work, until last night (technically two nights ago), when I latched one onto the end of the first recording, with a little crossfade, making two movements one. It turned out that the pieces complimented each other well, and I wound up being happy with my new piece. That's nice!

My internet is down, which is preventing me from uploading my eComp piece. I'll get around to it eventually, I think, and then I'll post about it. I have two eComp pieces from last semester I can get up to snuff and add there, too, at some point. There's another yet to be written, which I think I will write for electronic tape, mandolin, and perhaps voice. I'm considering making it Nodal Nim with tape. Seems like fun!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Nodal Nim plays YAG Birthday Bash!

Nodal Nim entertained at the YAG Birthday Bash today, hiding in a dark closet until announced, and then running out and going, "Happy Birthday, YAG!" It's not that it's YAG's birthday; we have a tradition of throwing a party one day of the semester to celebrate all the students' birthdays all at once. I was delighted to play some songs for an audience of real children! We had a way cool time!

Oh yeah, and I got my YAGly friends Nick, Teo, and Dave to play some songs along with me! They were a great little thrown-together band, and I'd love to play with them again sometime!

Ok, so here are the sets:

Nodal Nim

• Maroon Dots
• Raisins -> 25% More Monster
• Pablo [requested by Mary]
• Somebody's Birthday Round [premiere]
• This Ladybug
• Wow
• Alan the Duck
• For Play
• Maroon Dots [requested by Tim]
• Will We Go Out Together [requested by Dave]
• E Blue Apparatus [requested by Nick]

Nodal Nim and the Somethings

• Rockin' Out
• Science
• I Am Systems
• Deposit One Tangelo -> Vegetables You've Never Heard Of

Veggies was really long and crazy, and almost every body in the room was dancing deliriously after a while! We signed some autographs after the show, and I sold some CDs, and it was just charming! Mary thinks I could do really well playing for kids, be the next Raffi or something. I don't know yet, but I find that I'm inspired. It was wonderful and fun!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

hurley's competition and ctwa 9

Hello friends,

It was a good Thursday, I think. All the solo headliners from this semester competed at Hurley's tonight for cash prizes. It was a lot of fun, and it was cool to have a bunch of really good musicians playing there on one night. Chris called me during Coloring Time to let me know that I didn't place. I forgot to ask who did. I have faith that they were awesome, because there were a lot of greats there. Here would be my preference:

1. Kevin Irwin
2. Doug Campbell
3. Bryan Poole-DeSalvo

I don't know if it went anything like that. Carmen G. is awesome, too, so I wouldn't mind if she won one of the spots, too. I'm not really disappointed about not placing, because I think I played really well anyway, and I never expect to woo a whole audience. People usually love me or hate me, and I guess this particular audience was leaning more toward the latter, at least relative to the other musicians. People who really get Nodal Nim are not your average Joes and Janes. I would have enjoyed the $100 first prize (was gonna buy a real web site, maybe!), but I don't mind losing.

Here was my Hurley's set list:

• Let Me In Your Hole
• Wow -> Nimland
• 25% More Monster -> Vegetables You've Never Heard Of

And here was my Coloring Time set list:

• Coloring Time with Andrew -> A Parade, Yes. -> For Play
• Maroon Dots
• -> Sun Flies
• Rat's Noon Star -> Rules to Stone Game -> Stripes


Now I go to read and sleep. I have to recommend this book that I'm borrowing from my girlfriend Tiffany: Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins. Very clever and good! It simultaneously makes me want to write a novel myself and never ever write a novel myself, because I could never be that awesome! Wonderful!

Love to all,

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Bear Stock morning fun

Nodal Nim opened Bear Stock this Sunday morn. Some folks came out and fun was had!

set list:

• Nimland -> Javelin Head
• Rules to Stone Game [premiere] -> Level 1
• Raisins
• 25% More Monster -> Numbers Make More Numbers -> I Am Systems
• Crescent Moon
• Member of the Real -> E Blue Apparatus
• Wow -> Vegetables You've Never Heard Of

Thursday, April 7, 2005

hurley's & ctwa8

Recovering from a cold, I was finally able to Nim today. I practiced a bunch and wrote two songs: Rules to Stone Game and 25% More Monster! I debuted the latter at Hurley's!

And speaking of Hurleys, here's the set list of the evening:

• Supersane -> Rockin' Out -> Eat Lots of Apples
• 25% More Monster [premiere]
• Science

I decided, since Coloring Time went extra well tonight, in my opinion, that I'd include the whole playlist, not just the Nodal Nim set. As usual, all Nodal Nim songs listed were performed live by me.


Nodal Nim
• Numbers Make More Numbers -> Coloring Time with Andrew
• Pablo
• Retro Helplessness -> Rodeo Clock
• Superman Has Friends
• 25% More Monster
Dismemberment Plan
• A Life Of Possibilities
• Turn You Inside Out
• Finest Worksong [requested by B.J.]
Danny Allen
• Scattergun
Elvis Costello
• Chelsea
Captain Beefheart
• The Sheriff of Hong Kong
Edgard Varése
• Ecuatorial


Nodal Nim
• The Slippery Toad -> Wow
• I Am Systems [requested by Scott]
• Stripes
• Member of the Real
• Unison [requested by Scott]
Tears For Fears
• Head Over Heals
Depeche Mode
• I Feel You
Cecil Taylor
• Air
Tom Waits
• Table Top Joe
Flaming Lips
• Halloween on the Barbary Coast
Neutral Milk Hotel
• Three Peaches
Peter Blasser
• The Longhouse Dance
Patti Smith
• Redondo Beach

Monday, April 4, 2005

Nodal Nim at Bearstock in Potsdam, NY!

Hi everyone!

Nodal Nim is playing at Bear Stock, an all-day music festival on the SUNY Potsdam campus! If you're interested and nearby, come out to Lehman Quad at 11:00 AM this Sunday, April 10, to experience a zany half-hour set of Nodal Nim! Nodal Nim will be playing new songs as well as old on his mandolin, and he'll be delighted to fill requests, as always.

For more info on Nodal Nim, check out

For more info on Bear Stock, see

Pass this message along to everyone you know who might be interested in coming out! If you have any questions, comments, etc., you can contact me through myspace or my website. I hope to see you there!

Experience Mandolin Magic!

Experience Nodal Nim!