Monday, February 28, 2005

Nodal Nim on TBS Tuesday 9:30-10:00

Ok, so the latest news is just that. This Tuesday, Feb 29, Nodal Nim will be playing from 9:30 pm to 10:00 pm on The Brandon Show. I guess there was some confusion about things, but this is what we've worked out. So it'll be a half-hour show, which isn't bad, and it'll be video-recorded for the campus TV station, which certainly is neat.

Best to all,

Thursday, February 24, 2005

ctwa4 and Hurley's

I played Hurley's open mic at 9 and did Coloring Time with Andrew at 10. The highlight was finding out that a two-year-old girl was dancing to Docky Docky when I played it at Hurley's. Yay! I want babies! Somebody make me some babies!

Open Mic Set:

• Docky Docky -> Boxing Day Feast [requested by Winkler]
• Bodymind
• This Ladybug [requested by Bryan Poole-DeSalvo] -> Shirt Thane [requested by Winkler]


• Coloring Time with Andrew
• I Am Systems
• Daisy Ran Train -> Crabnors -> Receptors & Peptides -> Juiceman
• Present Tense
• E Blue Apparatus
• Raisins -> Magazine Chubbies
• Pablo

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

vision of a band

• fretless acoustic/electric mandolin
• upright bass
• percussion

...playing experimental (and microtonal!) pop stuff and rocking out. Classifiable as a "rock band."

Exists now only in my head.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

TBS gig postponed

Thanks to any and all who may have tuned in to WAIH this evening to hear a live Nim gig. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the performance had to be cancelled tonight. It's been rescheduled for next Tuesday at 10, 2/29/05! See you then!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Nodal Nim on TBS!

Hi there!

I'll be playing a 40-minute Nodal Nim set live on 90.3 fm The Way this Tuesday, 2/22, at 10:05 pm as special guest on The Brandon Show! If you're in the Potsdam area, please feel free to tune in. It'll be a lot of fun! If you've got a song in mind that you'd like to hear, let me know ahead of time by phone, email, IM, candygram, what-have-you, and I'll be delighted to play it, if I know it, of course!

Friday, February 18, 2005

headlining and ctwa3

I'd like to start by saying a big thank you to everybody who came out to my gig at Hurley's tonight! (Technically, yesterday.) I suspect there were 20-30 people there, which for a Hurley's headlining gig, is quite a few. I guess my self-promotion paid off this time, and I am pleased about that. It's weird to be all like, "Hey come to my show," y'know, not very modest, not very subtle, but it's important. As for the show, I felt I played pretty sloppily, but I had a good time anyway. It was hard to tell what the audience thought of it, but after a while, it seemed like a lot of folks were into it. I like when that happens!

I recorded the whole hour, and I should have it on my computer right now. I will cut it up into tracks and stuff soon and get it online! I think I can put this concert with last semester's Hurley's concert on a CD and feel pretty good about giving it to people and stuff, so maybe I'll do that. Right now, I need to wrap this blog entry up and go to sleep!

I don't have a set list to share just yet. I guess I'll just include it when I upload the audio. The important stuff was that I premiered three songs (Pablo, Level 1, and Bodymind) and I relearned one old one (Docky Docky). When I listen to it and can think coherently (I am so tired right now!), I'll share some anecdotes about the evening, too.

Then, and this was kind of insane, I went to Coloring Time with Andrew as usual. I only did the first hour. I played a few songs before breaking the second A-string. My ctwa set list was:

• Coloring Time with Andrew
• Javelin Head
• Acrobasebomball
• Lapse Into Memory

Thanks again if you came to my show, and I really hope you had as awesome a time as I did!

-Andrew a.k.a. Nodal Nim

Thursday, February 17, 2005

reminder: COME TO HURLEY'S!

Nodal Nim is playing from 7-8 tonight at Hurley's, on the SUNY Potsdam campus!

I've got THREE new songs to debut, and I'll be taking requests! It'll be a glorious hour of mandolin megalomania! Join me for super WOW fun!

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Hurley's Coffee House Open Mic:

• Crescent Moon -> I Am Systems
• This Ladybug -> Retro Helplessness -> Will We Go Out Together
• Let Me In Your Hole

Coloring Time with Andrew:


• Coloring Time with Andrew
• E Blue Apparatus
• Maroon Dots -> Numbers Make More Numbers
• Receptors & Peptides -> Javelin Head


• Buzzelling


• Superman Has Friends -> Sun Flies
• You've Got Your Own Life
• Love Song 1
• Robots: The Card Game
• Send Me Up -> Deposit One Tangelo -> Wow

Monday, February 7, 2005


I jammed with Chris, Dan, and Scott last night. We worked on little song bits that Dan and Chris had come up with, and we played a few cover songs. We're planning to do some rocking out at Hurley's sometime. Anyway, it was sometimes rough, but we did some stuff, and I think it's going to be fun.

Friday, February 4, 2005


Hi there!

The first Coloring Time with Andrew of the semester was a fun one! I had some guests for my first Nodal Nim set, which went about a half an hour: Dan, Joel, Marina, and somebody else who I didn't recognize. That person came in after I started playing and left before I finished, so I didn't get the chance to say anything to her. Anyway, thank you, strange person, and all the others, for coming to my show and coloring! When I started playing CDs and wandering around the station, I found six plastic plates in the lobby that my guests had decorated, and I hung them up on a window in the station for all to see! Also, thank you to Gina for requesting three excellent songs that I was delighted to play. Requests are fun, especially when they're for good songs!

Here are my set lists from my live radio performances. The first one might be totally out of order, but I think I got all the right songs, anyway.

Set 1 - 10:00

• Coloring Time With Andrew
• Science
• Nobody Knows [request] -> Shirt Thane [request]
• Eat Lots of Apples [request]
• Let Me In Your Hole
• Present Tense [request]
• Clusterbomb
• Nimland
• The Slippery Toad [with Joel]
• Vegetables You've Never Heard Of

Set 2 - 11:30

• Stripes
• I Am Systems


I also went to the first Hurley's coffee house of the semester, and it was fun. Kevin Irwin did a fantastic headlining set, and then there were just a few open mic'ers. I played third. Here is my set list:

• Raisins -> Numbers Make More Numbers -> You've Got Your Own Life
• Stripes [premiere]
• Alan the Duck [request]


In other aah music news, I had my first voice lesson of the semester today, and it was good. I have some stuff to work on for next week's studio class performance of Walking by Charles Ives. It will be fun! I also spent some time in the electronic music lab playing with things today.

Much love to all,

Thursday, February 3, 2005

upcoming gig / site update / jamming with friends

Hi there!

Oh boy!

I am scheduled to play Nodal Nim at Hurley's coffee house (located on the SUNY Potsdam campus directly under the Lehman Dining Hall) on Thursday, February 17 (two weeks from now) at 7 pm! It'll be an hour of pure nimgasmic incredibleness, and I hope to see you there! Bring friends!

I updated nimland with a little news box and a different color scheme for the main page. Nothing too interesting there, but good.

I jammed with Scott and Dan and a little bit of Chris tonight. It was fun.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Hypercube rehearsal

Hypercube rehearsed tonight, which now consists of Joel, Eric Fauss, and me. We wrote the lyrics to a song about a professional bowler named Molly. I'm not sure what I think of the song yet, but it was a lot of fun. We're going to make Tuesday nights a regular rehearsal time.

A reminder to Potsdammers: tune in to Coloring Time with Andrew on Thursday at 10pm for some radiotastic coloring magic!