Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bloomsday Mysterees

Happy joyous Bloomsday, friendlies! Tomorrow will be th 103rd anniversary of th events of Ulysses - th epic experimental novel by James Joyce - & in Dublin, this means celebration! Also here, in th chair I sit in, I smile to think of it (& wish I were in Dublin listening to a tipsy Irishman reciting it).

(It's named Bloomsday after th main character, Leopold Bloom.)

Eric Fauss & I have begun a long-distance two-man book club of sorts, & find it very awesome that our reading of th book coincides with Bloomsday. Another Eric, this one my uncle, sent a message to his buddies wishing all a happy Bloomsday. So many happy Bloomsdays & Erics do I wish upon all with fervent jubilations!

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