Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hotti Biscotti OM 5

I wuld like u to no that last week I playd som songs at Hotti Biscotti for opn mic funtimes. Th first 2 songs wer requestd by Becky, who kindly visitd with her frend-of-ambiguous-title Russell.

.. send me up [request] > sience [request]
.. hail Discordia [debu]
.. drone
.. glockenspiels [debu]

Th latr song steals from th last 3 anagrams in th post preceedng this one. I recently recordd it along with 'how to ferment th colon'. I hope to hav a new mini-CD recordd in a week or so.

And speakng of a week or so, it seems quite likely that I'l be abl to WORK next week, in my FIELD, using my DEGREE! If al gos wel, I'l be SUBSTITUTE TEACHING on MONDAY!

This is good. I hav bils to pay and a bike to get repaird. And Xmas gifts to obtain.

I rote a cute litl blasfemus song for th holidays that I don't dare perform in public. I sang it for George and he was at least somwat "horrified". I don't hav th guts to actuly complete my "Athiest Xmas Album," but I stil think it's a good idea and I like to imajin peple's horifid faces if I wer to.

I wil, howevr, at som point, create a long chaotic CD work (most probly dedicated to Eris, godess of strife and discord [hail Eris]) cald Norbert Goes To The Zoo. (Or Norbrt gos to th Zoo.) It wil hav special gests and lots of inspiring storys.

Oulipian riting tecniqes continu to thril me; I hav an idea for an epic poem/novl about som sort of dreamy adventur ritn by alternating between paragrafs LARDING and SLENDERIZING. Larding is adng new stuf to an existng thing (for this project, adng one word between evry word in the preceedng paragraf to create a new paragraf). Slenderizing is removing stuff from an existng thing (in this case, deleting letrs from a preceedng paragraf to create a new paragraf). I think it wud be oodls of fun al around.

These ar my plans and unplans.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

quintuple anagram

Inspired by th work of th Oulipo, I hav ben playng around with constraind riting lately, a hoby I do so enjoy. Last nyt, I made a triple anagram, wich I then extendd to a quintuple anagram, a variation of my very own desyn.

This technique is rathr like a "theme & variations." In this poem, th "theme" is a paragraf from pg 39 in Ulysses by James Joyce.


He has nowhere to put it, you mug. Bring in our Chippendale chair. Would you like a bit of something? None of your damned lawdeedaw here; the rich of a rasher fried with a herring? Sure? So much the better. We have nothing in the house but backache pills.

FIRST VARIATION [a sentence anagram]

We have nothing in the house but backache pills.

Would you like a bite of something? None of your damned lawdeedaw here; the rich of a rasher fried with a herring? Bring in our Chippendale chair. He has nowhere to put it, you mug. Sure? So much the better.

SECOND VARIATION [a word anagram]

He here?

Would something fried in lawdeedaw like a rich rasher put you in a better chair? Bring you the pills but with a herring of Chippendale? Sure the house. None of our damned bite; your backache has nothing, nowhere.

So the mug of it. We have to.

THIRD VARIATION [a letter anagram]

Cretin. Shall we continue rubbing our tiny glockenspiels together until they break? Would you charge me four dimes and a cube of tea? Nap.

Beth a hi hi hi hi hi. Where what fu fu.

See the horrid water there poured; How does a modern champion have his nog?

FOURTH VARIATION [a sentence anagram of the third variation]

Would you charge me four dimes and a cube of tea? Where what fu fu. Cretin. Shall we continue rubbing our tiny glockenspiels together until they break? See the horrid water there poured; How does a modern champion have his nog? Beth a hi hi hi hi hi.


FIFTH VARIATION [a word anagram of the fourth variation]

Where horrid glockenspiels
break the modern dimes
a tiny cube does rubbing.

How hi hi hi and hi hi you charge.
Shall our tea water have a nog?
Would we continue?
Cretin there his champion; what of me, Beth?
See they poured together.
Nap until fu fu a four.

intrview & Olivre

I had a job intrview today. It was oodls of fun. If I get hired, it won't be until January, and then it wil be quite part-time, so I remain unemployd for now.

I just saw a woman who looks perfectly, exactly, utrly, certnly like Olivre.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Nim plays Hotti Biscotti!!

I had a sho! I hav very litl time left on this computr to tel u about it. I'v ben tryng to do job-getng things. It chalenjs.

'Twas my first Chicago sho, at th bar I so like cald HOTTI BISCOTTI. I was askd to play, rathr last minut, and I did so. I had a good time, and som peple seemd to enjoy it. I misd havng my good frendlys from NY ther.

act I
.. sience
.. e blu apratus
.. how to ferment th colon
.. Deenmark
.. stripes
.. cmene
.. this ladybug
.. ant lizrd dragn man
.. 25% mor monstr
.. th slipry toad
.. hulo, wil u be my Sheep?
.. to think of WTM [debu!]
.. troglodyt
.. lov song 5

act II
.. 5 songs of fish
.. drone [debu!!]
.. Maroon Dots
.. 2G's
.. cal it Home
.. I am systms
.. fly this kite
.. chupacabra
.. Pablo
.. th posm
.. levl 1
.. vejtbls u'v nevr herd of

And let it be mentiond that I playd their opn mic th very nyt befor:

.. 5 songs of fish
.. how to ferment th colon
.. red dwarf star

Ther. Up to date u ar now!

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Subterranean OM 3

George and I playd som songs, this time with som frendlys with us. Ther wer som tec trubls with George, but hopefuly he'l be bak again soon anyway. My set was sort of awkwrd, but it went somthing like this:

.. vejtbls u'v nevr herd of [with Jeffrey, th hous drumr]
.. fly this kite
.. how to ferment th colon [debu]

Th first went wel and seemd to be wel-liked by th nine or so peple left at th place at 1:20 am. Th secnd was awkward aftr th first, but I hadn't playd it in a wile, so I thot wat th hey. Th third was a chalenj. I remembrd about 3/4 of th words, wich isn't bad, considrng how many ther ar. I hope to play it again soon somwher els and get al of them.

I aplyd for a job. I need to do mor stuf of that natur, but it wil require me to wake up befor 3 pm, wich isn't always esy. So far, I havn't spent any mony today.

I lisnd to acts I and II out of III of Lohengrin, an opera by Richard Wagner recently. At first, I wasn't too thrild by it, but it got lots of fun. Tiffany and I myt lisn to act III togethr rathr soon. Opera is neat.

I need a showr badly, as I'm sure th peple near me in this library wil atest to, if u ask them.

Monday, November 6, 2006

jem of spam

I receved this delytful jem of spam today:

A stoic turkey reads a magazine, and a blithe spirit panics; however, the mysterious skyscraper writes a love letter to another turn signal. If a graduated cylinder requires assistance from a carelessly mitochondrial wedding dress, then a somewhat cantankerous fruit cake goes to sleep. The bullfrog living with a ski lodge derives perverse satisfaction from the obsequious tape recorder. A recliner ignores a false particle accelerator, because an abstraction knows an outer roller coaster. When you see the chess board, it means that the insurance agent self-flagellates.

Isn't it rathr marvelus? I enjoy this typ of spam. I no that it's created that way just to trik certain kinds of spam filtrs, not to realy be artistic or "avant-garde," but that's ok. I am a fan. I copyd this poem down and may wind up setng it to music. Or not. We'l se.

I was briefly subscribed to som "poem a day" email list, and I asure u that this spam "poem" is far mor entrtainng, engajing and orijnl than any of those othr "poems" I was sent.

helo from me to yr colon

Anothr week passes. How stranj. I hope al ar wel in th world. I apolojize again for misd birthdays. I am bad that way, quite.

I didn't miss George's, tho. He is nearby and good at reminding me. I bot him yumy scoch and Tiffany made him a cake.

Stil no job, and no syn of one on th horizon. I'm SUPOSED to be receving a fone cal telng me that my fingrprints hav ben procesd and I can continu workng toward substitute teachng. I was SUPOSED to sevrl days ago, I think. I'm waitng. I shud cal, tho.

Tiffany dosn't hav intrnet in her apartmnt ryt now, and I can't bring files to th library (my secnd intrnet sorce). Ther's a job I wantd to aply for last week that required me to email my resume. It was my intention to do so, but so far, it has proved not posbl.

I am getng mor frustrated and mor poor evry secnd. I continu to be lazy about things. I am not acomplishng much.


Tonyt, George and I intend to return to Sub-T, as they cal it, and play som new tunes. He may debu 1 or 2 or 0 songs; I'm not sure how many. I plan to debu one. It is a song curently entitled "how to ferment the colon". Th lyrics ar not curently in cut spelng. They wer derived from words I had taped to my wal for th construction of poems. I rote two poems almost entirely unconsiusly, then combined them and rote singngs. I want to typ th lyrics here for u to se. I think if I typ them out again it wil help me in remembrng later.


some shiny rib just happened by
only two could spider fool her
she fly them thick through missile cow
out splendor hand up sparrow cave man

vivid hole I like your see moon
more me is than love way layerly
into the smile three over look at
device will cut me and oldy have could

how to ferment the colon
stuck on silver bird juice
fancy asperagus Chicagoizing the immediate cheese fish
what town what with magnify shed?
song of know word golden rope was separating
when is force shoe done;

with onion goatish llama nose down
I marry dragon diamond fish wing
sugar stripes you are you flow are
atom city universe grass wall

by melting ox ray is not steer did
more your head frame he but knee noise
trust no arrow ear cook the clay wind
sun over leaf we rain box be you

where will net sock tie down do knee
I ate blow cabaret; original microdynamic Nim pi
sharp meander cover been
Nodal drum of sword wave
etch deity number whom matter mandolin hand flail
send note?
disilluminate backgammon clock
malsmoke ungiraffe choke combat shaman
lob clumpology religion whence go anti myth
have her fraying candy?
his gorged dined a threshold be hers
he Troys Jason Martinly

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Subterranean OM 2

I returnd to th hip bar-land undrground-like cald Subterranean for som opn mic fluids:

.. ant lizrd dragn man [words by S. Marshall; recordd best by Threshold of Pain; Nim solo debu; I hart Scoot]
.. stripes
.. Deenmark