Monday, February 27, 2006


I rote a new song tonyt in Lojban! I wil giv th Lojban words, but not th English translation yet. Som may recognize th foloing gismu, (gismu is a Lojban part of speech, not an English word in cut spelng. Se how helpful I am?)


x1 kicks [hits with x1's foot/feet x4] x2 in/at locus x3, using x1's foot/feet x4

And now th song, named aftr th gismu:


.i mi tikpa lo prenu poi nitcu lenu se tikpa
.i mi binxo le pulji .inaja lo stedu cu gunro le loldi be le zdani be mi

.i ko terpa tu'a le veltikpa pe mi
.i le veltikpa pe mi

.i mi na djica lenu tikpa roda
.i ku'i mi bilga .i mi bilga

.i mi tikpa lo prenu poi nitcu lenu se tikpa

Illium nope

I arivd at th Illium yestrday mornng with th intent to play (as I had been scheduld from 11 to 2), but it turnd out I'd been dubl-bookd with Willie the Moak. Since he'd gotn ther first, I decided to be a good sport and let him play. I wachd for a wile, enjoyng, and then Amy and Beth and I left to do some recordng elswher.

In othr news, I orderd The Complete Lojban Language today, wich is suposedly th ultmat [ultimate] sorce for Lojban nolej [knowledge]. I like Lojban nolej.

Here is a poem I rote tonyt [tonight] in Lojban.

.i lo smaji sipna bo xanto
.i .iinai ri cmoni gi'e carno fi mi
.i le sance be le xanto be'o se prami mi
.i bazuku mi dzukla le zdani be mi ca lenu pensi ru

It translates (awkwardly) to something like:

A silent sleeping elephant.
I feel safe as it makes a sound and turns toward me.
The sound of the elephant is loved by me.
A while later, I walk to my home, thinking of the elephant.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Illium yup

I playd at th Illium. It went as usual. I'm returnng tomoro (sunday), and wil be playng between th ours of 11 AM and 2 PM.

.. cal it Home
.. no mor crisis in Rome
.. rules to Stone Game > e blu apratus
.. th slipry toad
.. I am systms > levl 1
.. fly this kite
.. cresent moon > javlin hed > 25% mor monster
.. Robots: th card game
.. Daisy Ran Train
.. retro helplesnes
.. sience
.. raisns
.. lov song 5


.. vejtbls u'v nevr herd of
.. let me in yr hole
.. shirt thane > Juceman
.. u'v got yr own life
.. u & mandolins
.. send me up > Nimland
.. a Parade, yes. > sun flies > princessdom
.. numbrs make mor numbrs > stripes

At this point, ther was nobody around ho didn't work ther, so I drank som tea. Then, Nick showd up and we playd ches. He requestd 'receptrs & peptides', wich I playd. Amy, Beth, and Ian finaly arived, so I playd act three.

.. hulo, wil u be my Sheep [request]
.. Alan th Duk > lov song 1
.. th posm [premiere]
.. doky doky
.. 2G's
.. cmene
.. candl bird
.. Maroon Dots
.. mustrd is always sometimes yelo
.. sex in a volvo (sex in a tank)
.. dictator picnic song

Saturday, February 25, 2006

lots of Illium comng up

By th way, I'm doing som shos at th Illium Cafe, here in Troy. In my experience, it is not esy to get humn beings in th Illium door for shos, so I'm not expectng greatness. U can make it great, tho! Com and color and make requests! Shout things! Bild things! Break things! U no u ar exelnt at doing al of thos things. Thos ar th things that Nimheds do best!

Nodal Nim at th Illium:

sat.feb.25 (tomoro)
5 - 8 pm
11 am - 2 pm
5 - 8 pm

th Illium Cafe
5 Broadway
Troy, NY


Heya. Nick and I playd open mic at Ground Zero this evnng, joind by our friends Beth, Ian, and Scott. T'was Nick's first time and my secnd. Th folks ther seemd to be into it. Harry Pyle playd, too, to help promote our upcomng show (march 24!), and evrybody in th house frikn' danced! We'r excited to be returnng next month... be ther!

.. Deenmark
.. e blu apratus

Friday, February 24, 2006

th Twins of Marshall

I faild to mention th fun had yestrday in Scotia, Glenville, wher reside to twins of Marshall, expansiv majicl gentlmen with wich th playng of stuf is fun. We recordd things, and if I receve a disc of it, it is likely that I wil put it online somwer.

Tomoro, I plan to go to open mic at Ground Zero, acompanyd by thos special Marshalls that ar good, and also by othrs, I do hope. If Nick and/or Ian and/or Nathan and/or anyone els wud enjoy th going with me, then let's.

Lov and Asperagus and also Lov and Asperagus and Pikld Ferns,
Andrew th Nim that is Nodal

Grind OM 24

It was a medium sort of nyt at th Grind. Not too many peple not too very intrestd in wat's going on. Plesed at least to be out of th cold, I think. Lots of conversation, stakng of ches peces, falng ovr, discusng that and this and such on my end of things.

.. stripes [request]
.. 25% mor monstr [request]

I am stubrn, and wil continu utilizing cut spelng. Ha!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mudhouse OM 3

Nick and I playd open mic at Slow Jed's Mudhouse again, and again I playd last. He playd lots of good things, and then I playd:

.. lov song 6
.. eat lots of apls > deposit 1 tanjlo [medly request]
.. Pablo
.. 5 songs of fish [request]

Last satrday, I left CDs ther for custmrs to by. So far, only one has been takn, and I'v been informd that th persn ho took it is boroing it to se if he/she (ey) likes it before byng. I'm eagr to find out this persns decision. I'v also been informd that I need to relese a new CD pronto, and if Nick dosnt remind me to do this, he wil be stabd. It is tru that I ot to make a new CD, so maybe I'l get off my but and get startd on one soon. Or maybe not. I'm curently being hapyly consumed by Lojban.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Coffee Planet OM 12

Hi ther. I car-poold to Cofee Planet with some frends this evenng. It was pakd ther, until about th moment th first one of us went up to play. My frends, consistng of two majicians and an acordian playr, provided a gret chanj of pace, and I think they went over wel, even tho ther wernt many peple left to enjoy them. I playd as folows:

.. hulo, wil u be my Sheep?
.. I am systms [request]

Wat els is new? I'v been lernng lots of Lojban. I found out I didnt get th job I intrvewd for last week, altho I'm not too suprised. I ate fish last nyt for th first time since sixth grade. It was rathr od, but I liked it. Tomoro, I'm taking a drive to Scotia to se Scott and Greg of the Marshall clan. We wil make noises. It's intrestng to read about th Tecnolojcl Singularity.

I was askd wat a 'troglodyte' is (wich I now spel troglodyt). I consultd Wikipedia:

* In archaeology, a troglodyte is any member of a primitive tribe of cave-dwelling people (from the Greek troglodytai, from trogle, "a hole" and dyein, "to enter").
* More recently troglodyte is used to describe a technophobic person; i.e. someone who prefers to hide from the realities of modern life.
* Troglodyte may also be an elitist pejorative term to refer to non-elites, or those viewed as being of subordinate or inferior culture and belief.
* Troglodytes is a genus of wrens in the family Troglodytidae.
* Troglodytes was the original genus for the gorilla, now considered invalid.
* Pan troglodytes is the Linnaean nomenclature for the species of the Common Chimpanzee.
* Derived from that term, troglodytes are cave-dwelling humanoid monsters in fantasy games such as Dungeons & Dragons or Heroes of Might and Magic (where they look like lizards) and will also appear in related fiction.
* In France, it refers to modern-day persons living in caves carved out of soft rock. In 1900, 5% of the French population was living in such dwellings.
* In the classic Star Trek series episode The Cloud Minders, a derived term, Troglyte, is used to describe the members of the oppressed mining class who toil on the planet Ardana.

So ther u hav it. O, and I wil mention two last things:

Go to th Roket Ship Readr; lern lots about Rokets.

If u wud like to se som Lojban ritn by me (probly badly), u can chek out le la .andros. terci'a.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

my latest obsession: cut spelng

I hav been filosoficly convertd to cut spelng, and I hav aplyd it to al of Nimland!

Cut Spelng is a proposd systmatic reformation of English spelng. I am aplyng it now to this blog entry, as u may hav gesd. In makes English mor consistnt, esir to lern (wethr u'r a child or a forenr), and 10% mor compact. I think it is way cool. Somday, maybe we wil al be convertd.

U can read about it here.

So I hav chanjed al th text on al th pajes of Nimland. This means that many of my songs hav new titles. This is fun for me. I once chanjed th capitlization of my songs, and now I hav chanjed th spelng.

Som of th mor exotic new titles ar:

yelo things
hulo, wil u be my Sheep?
Colrbone Faro
u'v got yr own life
vejtbls u'v nevr herd of

And som titles stay th same:

5 songs of fish
Daisy Ran Train
fly this kite
rules to Stone Game
this ladybug

Oh, and by th way, th Roket Ship Readr is open for public consumtion. Go consume: u'l find lots of neat storys to read and contribute to, and do not fear, non of it is ritn with cut spelng.

Evo Revo - March 6

While I'm thinking of it, I'd like to recommend to everyone everywhere that they go see Evolution Revolution, a fantastic local band, at their home of 51 3rd St. here in Troy on March 6. It's a Monday night, but there's no way I'm missing it, and no one else anywhere else should miss it either.

show at Slow Jed's

I played at Slow Jed's Mudhouse this evening. Fun was had. Scheduled the next Slow Jed's show: March 16, a Thursday.

Act I.
.. Deenmark
.. this ladybug
.. love song 6
.. I am systems
.. lapse into memory
.. Alan the Duck > love song 1
.. 5 songs of fish [request]
.. retro helplessness
.. Pablo
.. you've got your own life
.. 25% more monster
.. zvati
.. science
.. hello, will you be my Sheep?
.. troglodyte
.. 2G's

Act II.
.. e blue apparatus > Maroon Dots [request]
.. level 1
.. javelin head [request] > no more crisis in Rome
.. vegetables you've never heard of
.. the slippery toad
.. cmene
.. stripes
.. buzzelling > bodymind
.. call it home > love song 5
.. yellow things
.. 5 songs of fish [requested encore]

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Grind OM 23

.. Superman has friends [randomly selected by Nathan] > raisins [request]

I'm considering switching my written English to cut spelling just for fun. That would make the above songs 'Supermn has frends > raisns'. Wil considr it.

I did quite a bit of wacky recording last night with Amy and Beth. When our 'album' is complete, I will make mp3s available.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day open mic-ing

I had a super fun time last night filling in for Dave and Casey as host of the the Coffee Planet open mic! Lots of fun was had. It was my first time hosting an open mic, although I've gone to so many millions of them, it seems, that it was pretty much what I expected it to be. I liked it!

I will not list the songs I played, because I didn't really go by set lists. I filled in whenever necessary, opened, closed, etc. I premiered 'love song 6', which seemed appropriate for the occasion.

There were some great wonderful performers there, mostly regulars, but at least one newbie (Pat from Skeeter Creek, who played some excellent bluegrass with a bass player named Bob. Thanks to everybody who played: Lindsay, Nik, Bob, Pat, Emily, and Ron! And, of course, to everybody who came out just to see some local music (you know who you are). Things are really shaping up over there at Coffee Planet in Ballston Spa!

As a nice bonus for me personally, some of the people there took an interest in my songs and CDs. I was happy to fill a few requests, including '5 songs of fish' (twice) and 'Pablo,' which was the last song of the evening. It turned out to be a good closer -- I wish I'd thought of it!

So I took tonight off from open mic-ing to nap, play a game with some friends, and basically relax. Tomorrow, it is very likely that I'll play at the Daily Grind here in Troy, like I usually do, but that's not set in stone. My next big show is Saturday, when I'll be playing from 8 to 10 at Slow Jed's Mudhouse in Averill Park.

As as a little note worth mentioning for anybody who uses this blog to keep up to date on my gigs: my show at Ground Zero with Harry Pyle has been postponed. It's now scheduled for March 24 (8 PM, $3 cover at the door). The website does not yet reflect this, but do believe me. The original date was during R.P.I. Spring Break, when there wouldn't be students around to come or even manage it.

And one last thing for anybody visiting for the first time: if you would like to find out about future Nodal Nim shows by email, send me a message with your name and email address, and I'll add you to my list!

Ok, that's that, then. Good night all.

Andrew H. a.k.a. Nodal Nim

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Flavour Cafe Show

I played this past Friday at Flavour Cafe. It was an evening of interesting.

Act I
.. troglodyte
.. level 1
.. present tense > fly this kite
.. I did some jamming with some guy.
.. science
.. the slippery toad
.. lapse into memory
.. Pablo
.. deposit 1 tangelo > Deenmark
.. stripes
.. love song 5
.. 5 songs of fish
.. 25% more monster
.. I am systems
.. raisins > let me in your hole
.. Superman has friends
.. receptors & peptides

I had played a while for a handful of people I didn't know who seemed mildly interested, but they had all just left, so I considered calling it a night. But then my friends showed up: Ian, Oliver, Beth, Amy and Nick, who was turning 18 that day. So I went back up there for more fun and requests.

.. you and mandolins
.. zvati
.. e blue apparatus
.. hello, will you be my Sheep? [req]
.. this ladybug
.. no more crisis in Rome
.. love song 1
.. javelin head
.. raisins > wow
.. Juiceman
.. cmene [premiere!]
.. a Parade, yes. [req] > Nimland
.. eat lots of apples [req] > deposit 1 tangelo [req] > vegetables you've never heard of
.. an improvised song about sex in a volvo
.. a song written by Beth with instructions for Nick Borden to help him find a treasure map

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Grind OM 22

.. troglodyte [request]
.. zvati [premiere!]

I decided, well, what the hey, and I premiered my first song in Lojban at the Daily Grind tonight, entitled 'zvati' (or maybe '.i do zvati le gusta', but probably 'zvati'.) It seemed to go over well. A bunch of people asked me about Lojban. I know a lot about Lojban grammar, but not a lot about its history, so I should accept that I need to be the local Lojban expert and learn that stuff.

I also played a jazz tune with Brian Amadio, he on trumpet and me on mando. Our rehearsal for this had taken place ten minutes prior in the frigid cold of 3rd St. We plan to get something more worked out for a future performance.

I have a show tomorrow night at Flavour Cafe at 8:00! Come by for fun. I am planning to debut another song in Lojban, most likely entitled 'cmene'.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Coffee Planet OM 10

I played some tunes second to last:

.. Pablo
.. stripes
.. 5 songs of fish
.. deposit 1 tangelo [request]

Hey you! A week from tonight, on Valentine's Day, I'm hosting open mic at Coffee Planet! Dave and Casey have a gig, so I'm the substitute! If you'd like to come out and want to bum a ride, let me know. Should be a fun night of romance with Nim.


A voice mail sung from Scott Marshall to me that I received while writing my account number millions of times on teeny rolls of coins at the bank:


Monday, February 6, 2006

Nathan and Lojban

I played a bit of music with a gentleman accordianist named Nathan this evening. We are planning to perform a few tunes at an open mic some time in the future. The accordian is way neat.

I wrote two songs in Lojban last night, which is a constructed language based on predicate logic. They are both subject to changes before they are performed, although my mom and Nathan got previews of them in their fetal states. At the moment, they appear to be tentatively called:

.. .i cmene mi
.. .i do zvati le gusta

And I may have written love song 6 just in the time for the holidays.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Coffee Planet OM 9

Two days ago, Nick and I went to Coffee Planet and each played two little sets. Mine went:

.. I am systems
.. 2G's
.. Deenmark
.. call it Home

.. you've got your own life [request]
.. love song 5 [request]

I took last night off from open mic-ing to rest, and I'm definitely going to do that again tonight, maybe even more so, if that's possible. 'Twas a frustrating day of serving tables at the Grind, and I definitely won't be ready in three hours to go back in there and play some fun tunes.

So the unrelated-to-music-plan is:

  • sit around feeling sorry for myself
  • watch Seinfeld
  • eat something
  • take a long, hot, very long, and very hot bath
  • talk to Tiffany on the phone
  • go to bed whenever possible
  • on Friday, sleep the hell in
  • do nothing
  • go to a show

The show is The Bunny Brains, The Face Stabbers, and Grab Ass Cowboys at Ground Zero. I don't know much about the bands, but it seems interesting. If you're around and want to go with me, drop me a hoo-haa.