Saturday, March 31, 2007


I stopped by Mercury Cafe last night for th poetry open mic, & found out that I'd have a much larger & more attentive audience at this place if I were a poet & not a songwriter. Th whole scene amused me, & I'd consider returning. I read a thing I put together a few months back called ON AN OILY MOON. Of course, as at music open mics, I represented th only person doing something different from your typical American freeverse cliche. Which isn't to say that their stuff was "bad" & mine was "good," just that I didn't fit in.



Stalk with orgasmic futility skies on an oily moon. Shrink skies, stalk butterflies! Butter stalk, shrink butterflies; skies, butter with orgasmic futility. Shrink butter on an oily moon! Butterflies (with orgasmic futility on an oily moon) stalk.


Pomegranate seeds, in the way of seeing the bandits hidden, seeing: wearing chain mail in the way of the bandits wearing chain mail. Pistols hidden, wearing chain mail, pomegranate seeds. The bandits' pistols, seeing pomegranate seeds, pistols in the way of hidden pomegranate seeds.


Sleeping through Sunday, a blind horse scatterings. Kimberly touches, sleeping through Sunday, thinks about a blind horse. Kimberly sleeping through Sunday scatterings, the sound of new hay. Kimberly thinks about the sound of new hay, touches scatterings, thinks about touches. A blind horse, the sound of new hay, sleeping through Sunday.


A panda exquisitely flees with rice. The president's imaginary daughter exquisitely with rice confuses, flees. A panda in Mexico confuses exquisitely in Mexico; the president's imaginary daughter flees! In Mexico, with rice, a panda confuses the president's imaginary daughter. A panda?


Butterflies: skies shrink, stalk on an oily moon butterflies with orgasmic futility. Skies stalk butter, shrink butterflies. Butter with orgasmic futility: shrink on an oily moon skies. Butter on an oily moon with orgasmic futility: stalk butterflies.


Scatterings: a blind horse sleeping through Sunday touches scatterings sleeping through Sunday. Thinks about, touches a blind horse, Kimberly, scatterings, the sound of new hay. Kimberly touches the sound of new hay, thinks about a blind horse. The sound of new hay sleeping through Sunday; Kimberly thinks about scatterings.


And fishes explosive, bent! And fishes in time cut Charlotte's legs! A lapel button and fishes, Charlotte's legs, explosive! A lapel button bent Charlotte's legs in time! Explosive cut, a lapel button in time, bent, cut, and fishes!


Exquisitely, with rice, confuses in Mexico, flees, confuses the president's imaginary daughter. In Mexico, a panda (the president's imaginary daughter), with rice (in Mexico exquisitely) - a panda confuses, exquisitely flees. A panda (with rice) flees the presdent's imaginary daughter, exquisitely.


The bandits seeing in the way of wearing chain mail? Hidden pomegranate seeds, pistols wearing chain mail seeing pomegranate seeds wearing chain mail? The bandits' pistols, in the way of hidden, seeing pistols hidden? The bandits in the way of pomegranate seeds? The bandits?


Bent and fishes, a lapel button explosive, cut in time explosive! Bent, cut, Charlotte's legs and fishes, in time bent a lapel button! Charlotte's legs, explosive and fishes, cut a lapel button! In time, Charlotte's legs bent!


On an oily moon, butter: shrink skies with orgasmic futility. Butter, butterflies stalk. Shrink with orgasmic futility on an oily moon, shrink, butterflies, on an oily moon. Skies stalk with orgasmic futility butterflies. Skies butter, stalk on an oily moon.

Monday, March 26, 2007

jamtech with Tim&Tony

Yesterday (DISCORD 11 - Discordians for Jesus Day / Love Your Neighbor Day) I did travel to th land of Park Forest, a southern suburb to play improvised tunes of wild happenings with two gentlemen who responded to th craigslist ad I posted recently: Tim & Toe Knee. Fun we did have in makings of musicks, & perhaps futures will coincide in some ways.

his saw which northampton

Mr. Weston gave her the history of the engagements at Enscombe, which "I never in my life saw a man more intent on being agreeable than Mr. --"The best of all. Granted;--for private enjoyment; and for private e It was rather too late in the day to set about being simple-minded and


By th way, posts like this one come from bits of email spam that I receive. Although I usually enjoy email spam about as much as spam spam (=yuck), I make exceptions for randomized spametry such as th above.


According to my account, I've written 400 entries in this blog - & this makes 401.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

For copake do hill

falls in a year. At St. Petersburg, on the other hand, the quantity thus the unnatural war was still raging between the two brothers, Cleopatra, of this boy was Memphitis. His mother was very tenderly attached to him, a striking contrast to the exuberant prolificness of New Grenada. It is,

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

my ad on craigslist

I am a Chicagoan in seek of fellow ABSURDIST SONGWRITERS interested in:

thru such techniques as:

. . . randomly generating song elements from dice, playing cards, divination, etc.
. . . setting others' words to music - writing words to others' music (& vice versa).
. . . cutting up lyrics & song elements to recombine them in surprising ways.
. . . intuitive / "automatic" techniques of composition.
. . . constrained poetry (eg. palindromes, writing without the letter "e", etc.).
. . . writing songs/poems using surrealist techniques such as writing two lines & concealing the first, then giving the other person the page & having him/her do the same thing.
. . . converting non-musical phenomena into sound.

thru such techniques as:

. . . collecting sounds to use in unique ways.
. . . cutting up sounds randomly & reassembling them.
. . . separately recording different tracks to go with the same backing track & playing them together.
. . . improvising multi-layered pop songs from the ground up.

on the street, at open mics, at clubs
which feature (for example):

. . . group improvisation outside of "stylistic" limitations.
. . . live chance recombination of prepared material.
. . . live performance of musical "games".
. . . creating & performing on multiple instruments, including assemblages from "non-musical" paraphernalia, i.e. junk.
. . . mythical storytelling elements.
. . . dramatic (operatic!) elements such as costumes, characters & plots.
. . . performing absurdist rituals that involve the audience & players in unpredictable ways.


I'm not talking about a jam band or a free jazz combo. I'm talking about a vehicle of super-musical chaos worship.

I'm ready to try anything, & I'm looking for other people who are, too - People who revel in PARADOX - People who say nothing is true & everything is permitted - People who, in the area of making noise, are simultaneously RIDICULOUSLY SERIOUS & SERIOUSLY RIDICULOUS.

If some of what I've described excites you, then let's get together & see what we can do.


Contact: Andrew
315 657 6839
gtrpkt AT yahoo DOT com

Mojoday Milwaukee Ave Performa

'Twas yester on th street called Milwaukee Ave that yet again I exhibited tunes of Nimnitude for all to bear with. In celebratory fashion, I sang an hymn to many gods & th great Discordian Apostle Dr. Van Van Mojo, whilst all along distributing Pope, Saint & Messiah Cards to innocent-looking bywalkers. Here I show th doings:

.. I improvised a hymn to Ra, Isis, Horus, Demeter, Luna, Helios, Mercury, Baphomet, th Great Goddess, Mummu, Pan, Dr. Van Van Mojo, & of course Eris Kallisti Discordia [may her fiery totems ever elucidate].
.. hail Discordia
.. 2 G's
.. lov song 5
.. 25% mor monstr
.. stelr nursery > baby star
.. wil we go out together?
.. e blu apratus
.. ant lizard dragon man [lyrics by S. Marshalladoo]
.. brown dwarf star
.. lov song 1
.. how to ferment the colon
.. th posm [lyrics by J. Master Coolidge]
.. pungenday [daybyou]

Somewhere in there, I played a rottenbad attempt at th blues. Also rottenbad was my attempt to play th not-so-finished pungenday. All's well, though; I made $4.05.

Most folks enjoyed receiving news of their Popedom/Saintdom/Messiahdom. Who doesn't want to be a Discordian Holyone? No one, that's who!

Monday, March 19, 2007

A Discordious Mojoday, yo yo.


'Tis th fifth of Discord, a.k.a. Mojoday; we honor th Discordian voo doo meistro, th Apostle known as DR. VAN VAN MOJO in whatever way seems inappropriate. I may busk & improvise on streets Discordian melodies of irritation & anxiety, or I may nap. Right about now, urination sounds pretty good, so perhaps shall I pee in honor of Mojoday?

This paragraph constitutes an official "shout-out" to my Discordious brother Eric, who has sufficiently explained to me both heads & tails of his previous fnord which did grace my blooooog. Let's do wondermagic(k) in Troy-town, say?

I humbly suggest in th time of my being that folks band together for th doing of a Discordian tea ceremony in ways of ultimate.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

5 from Apotheosis Psycherotica

5 excerpts from Apotheosis Psycherotica, a Discordian Fnordical.

~ from The Book of the Cryptic by Bryan Speigel ~

Chapter 4: Ducks
"Whaling can be a hard business,"
I said to the man as he engulfed a package of mints.
He turned and looked at me like a fish out of mud
then ran as if his bowels had congealed.

~ from The Book of Sex by Sarah Sinclair ~

Chapter 4: The Call to Arana
It is one thing to believe that lust and desire is for Arana, it is quite another matter to willfully and wontonly pursue her in fetish-sex, and receive fully her divine pleasure of Orgasm. While it is dogma that Arana issues a call to all beings, it is also dogma that most disregard that call. This is where the Normal falls to Normality and manifests his ugly apathy toward the love and awesome pleasure of Arana, turning instead toward the numbing death of Nothink.

~ from The Book of Funnel E. Funny by Sam the Butcher ~

Chapter 2: This again?
Oh plushy
plushy plushy plushy
Sitting on the shelf
soft and moist...
Hey! Who dumped water on my toys?
I'll smack the bitch-ho who did this!
Oh my poor plushy

~ from The Second Book of Chuff by Chuff ~

Chapter 13: Have an ice day!
For I am the great psychotic,
and I have spurted forth more words
to guide you toward enlightenment.
Go forth unto the public,
and confuse all who will be confused.
So suggests the ducks.

~ from The Book of K-Wac by Stillwell Stainal ~

Chapter 6: The Next Day
A cat jumped up into my lap.
"Hi, I'm Chuff's cat."
"Well, aren't you a nad-zoinker," said I.
She left.

Mercury OM 2 / Discordant Discord

Aloha, mein Freunden!

'Twas at Mercury Cafe on th night of yester that I did play Nimly things. I enjoyed times at place in doings.

.. glockenspiels [request]
.. ant lizard dragon man [lyrics by Scotthew McMarshalldrew]
.. stelr nursery > baby star > brown dwarf
.. Pablo
.. lov song 6

Friendlies George & Frank said th sound system exhibited special friendliness towards me & th Blue Demon, particularly in th area of ringing overtones of awesomeness. Fun enveloped.


'Tis on this day th First of th Season of Discord, Discord 1, in th Year of Our Lady Of Discord 3173. Let us celebrate in joyfulship funhaving wonderpuppies! Let us eat, drink & be confounding! Let us Hail Eris Esoteric - may her fiery totems ever elucidate(!!!!!)

I hope to celebrate later today with a nap & some peanuts.

Hi oo lac!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

April is Androse in ways.

Hi there.

Dumplings. I like that word.

Tickets have I ordered for the going on planes to Troy in time known as April 2 to April 8! 'Tis Chicago Public Schools' Spring Breakus, & I will do a visitation 'pon that time that will.

So friendlies will with Androse do friendlying perhapsit.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

And so things dance.

I like my dice.

Also, I like thrift stores. I have bright yellowness in vestform.

Tiffany sings a lullaby to th cat in th other room. I find this strange. Now she deposits th cat upon my shoulders & commenses to shower, & so I shall continue blogging.

That I do.

Perhaps not much to say have I. Th weather's nice & I miss riding my bike, Suzanne, who broke months ago & has sat in my kitchen.

I just finished reading Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are dead, which I did yes enjoy. A play, we can call it, much in th same vein as Waiting for Godot, which I also read recentlyish. In soon future times, I may do readings 'pon plays by Euripides, my favorite of th classical Greek dramatists. For fifty cents did I purchase six plays by him at stores of thrift.

On Friday past, George & I & others saw a so-so show at th Empty Bottle, a neat underground club nearby. I enjoyed doing stuff, even if I found th band somewhat lacking. It would benefit me to read less & get out more, I think, especially in upcoming times of weathertastic nicefulness.

And so things dance.

I hope all do doings in wellness & I say hi & so forth & such.


Friday, March 9, 2007


I'm not sure th doings I will in musicks in soon times do. An offer exists for me to play a show if I do something electronic. However, my electronics remain stunted by computer limitations, I do think.

Other thoughts sit. I'd like to sing musicks to other people's words, as is th sometimes-doing. All friendlies, everywhere, send me your words for th singing, if you wanna! It sits in mind to do these things.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

North av & junction

I busked at two locations today, I do dare mention. Th first was North Ave in Wicker Park/Bucktown, yessiree. I played:

1 .. levl 1
2 .. lov song 5
3 .. 2 G's
4 .. stelr nursery > baby star
5 .. vejtbls u'v nevr herd of
6 .. Deenmark
7 .. I am systms
8 .. ant lizard dragon man [lyrics by Scotthew]
9 .. chupacabra
10 .. main sequence star
11 .. lov song 1
12 .. cal it Home
13 .. th posm [lyrics by J. Coolidge]
14 .. fists of smite
15 .. th slipry toad
16 .. prickle-prickle

Then at th intersection of North, Milwaukee & Damen, I played:

17 .. sience
18 .. hail Discordia
19 .. Lucretia
20 .. lov song 6
21 .. 5 songs of fish
22 .. Pablo
23 .. Maroon Dots

During Set I I made $4.52; during Set II I made $3.00. Neither of those sets individually beat my limit of $5.00 per set; however, th total is $7.52, which does beat five.

My fingers are cold & it's going to be a cold walk home, eh?

I like this, though. As it gets warmer, I will continue to busk & report back to you, friendlies.

Much love,
Androse th Nodal Nim

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Continuing to work at th same school, same class; continuing to study th tarot; battling a cold; blessing Egyptian gods every day; catching some great &or amusing movies; eating lots of popcorn; pondering electronic Nimliness.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

monsterously adorable bird-things

Did you know that scientists think that good ol' Velociraptor had feathers & might technically receive classification as a bird?!

Also, here is a particularly cute relative of th Velociraptor, Deinonychus, also feathered:

More relatives: th Dromaeosaurus:


Friday, March 2, 2007

Mercury OM 1

Hi & yes & hello. I indeed forgot to mention th latest in open mic happenings of late in lateness-time. Two days prior to this day (Wednesday, a.k.a. Prickle-Prickle) I did Nimmings 'pon th stage of happenings at Mercury Cafe, a place that is. At such time, I played among two others & did meetings of a gentleman named Frank whilst drinking a tea called King Crimson. Let it be known that I enjoyed th doings of th evening & would return to th place of th doings.

Here are th bits:

.. how to ferment the colon
.. 5 songs of fish
.. chupacabra
.. vejtbls u'v nevr herd of
.. prickle-prickle [indeed it was prickle-prickle this time]

This coffee house I do make enjoyments of, as it locates 'pon th route of my goings. Coffee I often get in mornings. Today, a song didst play 'pon th stereo of th place & thus did I recognize it to be Mellotron by Porcupine Tree & I thought of friendlies.

I dreamed that I ingested a strong hallucinogen in th form of mustard-butter & then got a haircut.

If any bodies think of soon-visits, I have a mandatory week off from April 2 to 6. If no visits do doings, I may indeed spend times singing muchly on streets of Chi-town wearing ties & hats.

That alls.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

day of 4


My fourth day of submarining in th same class comes to an end in a short while, as I type away at th absent teacher's computer & such. Things have gone pretty well today, & at this moment, they play gym. After tomorrow, I can identify this as my first 5-day week since beginning submarining in general. I will appreciate suchness when upon my doorstep does arrive my checky.


Of late, I do study th tarot, for it seems interesting as a symbol-system for fun-having & life-processing & other such hyphenated phrases. My studies do take place upon th website identified as I take notes & do thinkings. I own not a deck at this time.