Thursday, February 2, 2006

Coffee Planet OM 9

Two days ago, Nick and I went to Coffee Planet and each played two little sets. Mine went:

.. I am systems
.. 2G's
.. Deenmark
.. call it Home

.. you've got your own life [request]
.. love song 5 [request]

I took last night off from open mic-ing to rest, and I'm definitely going to do that again tonight, maybe even more so, if that's possible. 'Twas a frustrating day of serving tables at the Grind, and I definitely won't be ready in three hours to go back in there and play some fun tunes.

So the unrelated-to-music-plan is:

  • sit around feeling sorry for myself
  • watch Seinfeld
  • eat something
  • take a long, hot, very long, and very hot bath
  • talk to Tiffany on the phone
  • go to bed whenever possible
  • on Friday, sleep the hell in
  • do nothing
  • go to a show

The show is The Bunny Brains, The Face Stabbers, and Grab Ass Cowboys at Ground Zero. I don't know much about the bands, but it seems interesting. If you're around and want to go with me, drop me a hoo-haa.


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