Monday, February 27, 2006

Illium nope

I arivd at th Illium yestrday mornng with th intent to play (as I had been scheduld from 11 to 2), but it turnd out I'd been dubl-bookd with Willie the Moak. Since he'd gotn ther first, I decided to be a good sport and let him play. I wachd for a wile, enjoyng, and then Amy and Beth and I left to do some recordng elswher.

In othr news, I orderd The Complete Lojban Language today, wich is suposedly th ultmat [ultimate] sorce for Lojban nolej [knowledge]. I like Lojban nolej.

Here is a poem I rote tonyt [tonight] in Lojban.

.i lo smaji sipna bo xanto
.i .iinai ri cmoni gi'e carno fi mi
.i le sance be le xanto be'o se prami mi
.i bazuku mi dzukla le zdani be mi ca lenu pensi ru

It translates (awkwardly) to something like:

A silent sleeping elephant.
I feel safe as it makes a sound and turns toward me.
The sound of the elephant is loved by me.
A while later, I walk to my home, thinking of the elephant.

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