Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day open mic-ing

I had a super fun time last night filling in for Dave and Casey as host of the the Coffee Planet open mic! Lots of fun was had. It was my first time hosting an open mic, although I've gone to so many millions of them, it seems, that it was pretty much what I expected it to be. I liked it!

I will not list the songs I played, because I didn't really go by set lists. I filled in whenever necessary, opened, closed, etc. I premiered 'love song 6', which seemed appropriate for the occasion.

There were some great wonderful performers there, mostly regulars, but at least one newbie (Pat from Skeeter Creek, who played some excellent bluegrass with a bass player named Bob. Thanks to everybody who played: Lindsay, Nik, Bob, Pat, Emily, and Ron! And, of course, to everybody who came out just to see some local music (you know who you are). Things are really shaping up over there at Coffee Planet in Ballston Spa!

As a nice bonus for me personally, some of the people there took an interest in my songs and CDs. I was happy to fill a few requests, including '5 songs of fish' (twice) and 'Pablo,' which was the last song of the evening. It turned out to be a good closer -- I wish I'd thought of it!

So I took tonight off from open mic-ing to nap, play a game with some friends, and basically relax. Tomorrow, it is very likely that I'll play at the Daily Grind here in Troy, like I usually do, but that's not set in stone. My next big show is Saturday, when I'll be playing from 8 to 10 at Slow Jed's Mudhouse in Averill Park.

As as a little note worth mentioning for anybody who uses this blog to keep up to date on my gigs: my show at Ground Zero with Harry Pyle has been postponed. It's now scheduled for March 24 (8 PM, $3 cover at the door). The website does not yet reflect this, but do believe me. The original date was during R.P.I. Spring Break, when there wouldn't be students around to come or even manage it.

And one last thing for anybody visiting for the first time: if you would like to find out about future Nodal Nim shows by email, send me a message with your name and email address, and I'll add you to my list!

Ok, that's that, then. Good night all.

Andrew H. a.k.a. Nodal Nim

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