Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mudhouse OM 3

Nick and I playd open mic at Slow Jed's Mudhouse again, and again I playd last. He playd lots of good things, and then I playd:

.. lov song 6
.. eat lots of apls > deposit 1 tanjlo [medly request]
.. Pablo
.. 5 songs of fish [request]

Last satrday, I left CDs ther for custmrs to by. So far, only one has been takn, and I'v been informd that th persn ho took it is boroing it to se if he/she (ey) likes it before byng. I'm eagr to find out this persns decision. I'v also been informd that I need to relese a new CD pronto, and if Nick dosnt remind me to do this, he wil be stabd. It is tru that I ot to make a new CD, so maybe I'l get off my but and get startd on one soon. Or maybe not. I'm curently being hapyly consumed by Lojban.

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