Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Coffee Planet OM 12

Hi ther. I car-poold to Cofee Planet with some frends this evenng. It was pakd ther, until about th moment th first one of us went up to play. My frends, consistng of two majicians and an acordian playr, provided a gret chanj of pace, and I think they went over wel, even tho ther wernt many peple left to enjoy them. I playd as folows:

.. hulo, wil u be my Sheep?
.. I am systms [request]

Wat els is new? I'v been lernng lots of Lojban. I found out I didnt get th job I intrvewd for last week, altho I'm not too suprised. I ate fish last nyt for th first time since sixth grade. It was rathr od, but I liked it. Tomoro, I'm taking a drive to Scotia to se Scott and Greg of the Marshall clan. We wil make noises. It's intrestng to read about th Tecnolojcl Singularity.

I was askd wat a 'troglodyte' is (wich I now spel troglodyt). I consultd Wikipedia:

* In archaeology, a troglodyte is any member of a primitive tribe of cave-dwelling people (from the Greek troglodytai, from trogle, "a hole" and dyein, "to enter").
* More recently troglodyte is used to describe a technophobic person; i.e. someone who prefers to hide from the realities of modern life.
* Troglodyte may also be an elitist pejorative term to refer to non-elites, or those viewed as being of subordinate or inferior culture and belief.
* Troglodytes is a genus of wrens in the family Troglodytidae.
* Troglodytes was the original genus for the gorilla, now considered invalid.
* Pan troglodytes is the Linnaean nomenclature for the species of the Common Chimpanzee.
* Derived from that term, troglodytes are cave-dwelling humanoid monsters in fantasy games such as Dungeons & Dragons or Heroes of Might and Magic (where they look like lizards) and will also appear in related fiction.
* In France, it refers to modern-day persons living in caves carved out of soft rock. In 1900, 5% of the French population was living in such dwellings.
* In the classic Star Trek series episode The Cloud Minders, a derived term, Troglyte, is used to describe the members of the oppressed mining class who toil on the planet Ardana.

So ther u hav it. O, and I wil mention two last things:

Go to th Roket Ship Readr; lern lots about Rokets.

If u wud like to se som Lojban ritn by me (probly badly), u can chek out le la .andros. terci'a.

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