Friday, February 24, 2006

th Twins of Marshall

I faild to mention th fun had yestrday in Scotia, Glenville, wher reside to twins of Marshall, expansiv majicl gentlmen with wich th playng of stuf is fun. We recordd things, and if I receve a disc of it, it is likely that I wil put it online somwer.

Tomoro, I plan to go to open mic at Ground Zero, acompanyd by thos special Marshalls that ar good, and also by othrs, I do hope. If Nick and/or Ian and/or Nathan and/or anyone els wud enjoy th going with me, then let's.

Lov and Asperagus and also Lov and Asperagus and Pikld Ferns,
Andrew th Nim that is Nodal

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