Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Daily Grind Show Show

George Fero and I rocked the Daily Grind last night! We were both happy with our playing, but I wish we'd been able to get more people to come. I tried to promote the hell out of the show, but I'm not especially good at that. I hope we attracted enough people to be able to play there again. Well, thanks to everyone who did come!

Act I.
.. science
.. troglodyte
.. javelin head > deposit 1 tangelo
.. Robots: the card game [request] > retro helplessness
.. love song 5
.. stripes
.. Pablo
.. you've got your own life
.. I am systems
.. level 1
.. call it Home
.. yellow things

Act II.

George Fero, equipped with his stratocaster and some effects, played an excellent show. It was surreal and mobilizing and beautiful, and it was an honor to be present.

Act III.
.. hello, will you be my Sheep?
.. let me in your hole [request]
.. the slippery toad [request]
.. 2G's
.. 25% more monster
.. this ladybug [request]
.. Maroon Dots
.. vegetables you've never heard of
.. e blue apparatus [request]
.. 5 songs of fish

[The accuracy of my list for Act III is not to be trusted. I hardly went by my set list, and took lots of requests.]

Thanks again to all the wonderful people who came to our show! I hope you had an enjoyable evening with George and I; we surely had an enjoyable evening with you.

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