Thursday, February 9, 2006

Grind OM 22

.. troglodyte [request]
.. zvati [premiere!]

I decided, well, what the hey, and I premiered my first song in Lojban at the Daily Grind tonight, entitled 'zvati' (or maybe '.i do zvati le gusta', but probably 'zvati'.) It seemed to go over well. A bunch of people asked me about Lojban. I know a lot about Lojban grammar, but not a lot about its history, so I should accept that I need to be the local Lojban expert and learn that stuff.

I also played a jazz tune with Brian Amadio, he on trumpet and me on mando. Our rehearsal for this had taken place ten minutes prior in the frigid cold of 3rd St. We plan to get something more worked out for a future performance.

I have a show tomorrow night at Flavour Cafe at 8:00! Come by for fun. I am planning to debut another song in Lojban, most likely entitled 'cmene'.

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