Friday, August 19, 2005

Nodal Nim's magic box...

I have a magic box.

I am totally evil.

My magic box is a very small cabinet with two drawers. The side of the box displays the following information:

Nodal Nim
CDs 4 sale
$6.00 each

The top drawer contains some Nodal Nim CDs for selling. The bottom drawer is probably the coolest part of the box. On the side of it, visible when the box is pulled out, are the words "tips for the mandolinist!" and on the top of it is a piece of cardboard with a hole cut in it for dollars and coins.

I debuted the top drawer of the box at open mic tonight, and sold 2 CDs (one to Casey J. Chapman, and the other to her friend, whose name I haven't the foggiest clue about... sorry! I am bad that way...). When I have a real gig, I will debut the bottom drawer!

The side of the box acts as a billboard, not only for CDs, but also for my website. After coming to open mics often enough and seeing the box, few people will be able to forget!

I am totally evil.

I have a magic box.


Anonymous said...

So post a picture of the box wouldja?

XJ said...

identity correction