Friday, August 19, 2005

Nim Grind OM 6, food songs for the kiddies

I actually played two short sets at the Grind tonight. The first was shortly after it started, when there was practically nobody else around to go. I played the following:

.. 5 songs of fish
.. vegetables you've never heard of [requested by Kevin]

Then, when more friends of mine came and there still weren't very many musicians, I asked the substitute man-in-charge, Jack, if I could play again, and he said sure. So I played a second set:

.. e blue apparatus
.. this ladybug > wow


Also, all this week I've been helping Kim McMann at the library with a program involving food in various ways. I played a couple food-related songs for the kids today, and they seemed to enjoy them.

.. raisins
.. vegetables you've never heard of

The former drove Kim nuts, because she vehemently despises everything raisin. The kids told me they enjoyed the expressions she was making during the performance!


I've been continuing to record for Nodal Nim's Rocketship, the podcast that I'm going to start. Tonight, I recorded the so-called Postal Crew (name provided arbitrarily by Dave Shaver), consisting of Amy, Iris, and Beth. We each told of dreams we'd had recently, Beth and Iris sang Silent Night, Beth read some poetry, and we all jammed out on whatever musical instruments were at hand, with Iris on lead vocals. It was smashing fun!

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