Friday, August 5, 2005

Nodal Nim at YAG and Grind OM 4

I played at the YAG Birthday Bash again, but with less success. This semester, my lack of amplification (which came as a surprise to me, because I naively expected to get the stage and system in the Playhouse) plus lots of bratty kids made it impossible for me to play too very long. After a relatively short Veggies, I ended by saying, "I think I'm going to get some cake." This was my set up until then:

- Raisins
- Science -> Birthday Round
- This Ladybug
- Alan the Duck [request]
- Maroon Dots [request]
- Docky Docky
- Vegetables You've Never Heard Of [request]

Later, Mary had me close the party with more song:

- Maroon Dots -> Wow [request]

This is further evidence for me that I need to get a PA, or at least a keyboard amp with a couple inputs. If I'm reliant on others for amplification, I can't do very much. Grr.


I also played at the Daily Grind. A short set, as they always have to be. Sloppy and out-of tune, and Dave says the mix was bad (too much mandolin), but I was pretty ok with it. It was a good night at the Grind. There were some new people there, friends, audience, and performers. Went to the 76 Diner after for yums.

- Send Me Up [request] -> Pablo
- Retro Helplessness

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