Monday, August 1, 2005

NimDaisyBakersOM 2


- Love Song 1
- Maroon Dots
- Buzzelling -> Lapse Into Memory
- A Parade, Yes. -> Member of the Real

Nim plus Dave!

- Deposit One Tangelo -> Vegetables You've Never Heard Of
- Juiceman
- Let Me In Your Hole


I was delighted to have Dave join me again on djembe. He plays a beautiful beat. It was the first time that I recall us playing Juiceman together since we had a band in high school (SOL Pendulum). Let Me In Your Hole was fun, as always, as was everything, really.

I'm continuing to work on more complex improvisational stuff for Member of the Real. I think it's getting better.

The slight audience at Daisy Baker's is just not into Nodal Nim. Not surprising, but somewhat frustrating. Steve wants me to keep playing, in spite of my concerns that it pisses the patrons off. I've decided to at least give it one more week.

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