Tuesday, August 16, 2005

NimDaisyBakers OM 4 - 5 songs of fish

I had a great time playing a relatively long set at Daisy Baker's on 2nd street tonight. Some old friends came to see, made some requests, etc. I debuted a brand new one: 5 songs of fish, written very recently at 7-something in the morning, having not gotten to sleep yet. Here's the set list:

solo Nim:
.. science
.. you've got your own life [requested by Kim and Gia]
.. Nimland > I am systems
.. 5 songs of fish [debut]

Nim plus Dave Shaver on djembe:
.. Juiceman [requested by Amy]
.. deposit 1 tangelo [Beth] > vegetables you've never heard of [requested by Kim and Gia]

SPECIAL NOTE: For those of you keeping track, I have decided to recapitalize my song titles. I think it is unnecessary for them all to be capitalized, so now I am only capitalizing certain words, including most proper nouns and words I deem for whatever reason to be important. I have also decided to use double periods as bullets and a single greater-than sign to connect song titles in medleys. I am continuing to use square brackets for special notes as I did before.

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