Thursday, August 18, 2005

2 gigs scheduled at the Illium

I scheduled two gigs tonight for the month of September. I'll be playing Saturday night, the 17th, from 5-8. I will play Sunday afternoon, the 25th, from 11-2. These shows are both at the Illium coffee house on 2nd street and Broadway, across from the monument in front of city hall in downtown Troy, NY. No other gigs do I have scheduled at this time, but I plan to do some more seeking very soon, and of course, I'm playing open mics every chance I get!

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Anonymous said...

I'm entirely penciling in your first illium gig, sadly i've got a gig on the 25th, so i won't be able to come to yours...::frown::...

p.s. i'm listening to your cd right now and it makes me extra happy