Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Chx of Eden / Chx of Ill / Muddy Cup OM 3

Th YAG sumr semestr finishd, and I feel larjly satisfyd. And since then, I'v enjoyd sleepng in. It turnd out wel. It felt good to do theatr again. I do not hate theatr; in fact, I'd very much like to find ways to do it in futur times in ways that I like. I cud hav actd mor agresivly to inform peple about th shos I was in, but I did not.

I very soon go to Chicago, Illinois. George and I now plan to mov next monday(ish), august 21, so we'l hav som time to find a good place to liv for septembr 1. It feels very weird to sudnly realize that I wil soon leve this place, this Troy, NY. Things I do becom th last things.

Tonyt, Nathan and I playd at th Muddy Cup, posibly for th last time. We had good fun. We did:

.. lov song 5 [premere togethr]
.. So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

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