Tuesday, August 29, 2006

anothr day

George and I slept in, and then he comensed preprations for his big job hunt tomoro, wich kept him at th computr for many an our lookng up cofee shops in Chicago. I ate, drew, and playd mandolin. It felt good to finaly start getng reaquaintd with th instrument. It got frustratng, tho, and aftr a wile, I decided to go for a walk, wich took me out to Lake Michigan. I wachd th crashng waves crash. George and I hedd out to his frends' apartmnt later, wher we met a new persn (Melissa), and ate delicius frend-cookd food. Now we'r bak, and he's messng with th cat using a laser pointr and grinng quite a bit.

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