Friday, August 18, 2006

Coffee Planet OM 14 / library N&N sho / Grind OM 37

I must do cachngs up with Nimly things that go. I went al about to giv farewels to folks about.

tusday: Coffee Planet
[Nodal Nim]

.. fly this kite
.. hulo, wil u be my Sheep? > wow

{Fun was had. Goodness shared.}

wensday: Troy Public Library
[Nathan & Nim]

.. 25% mor monstr
.. Io [ritn by th good Nathan Stodola]
.. lov song 5

{On this day, Nathan and Nim also did recordngs of those songs listd abov. A mini-CD exists that u can get.}

thursday: th Daily Grind
[Nodal Nim with Dave Shaver on djembe]

.. 5 songs of fish
.. hulo, wil u be my Sheep?

and later .. in my poket

{'Twas th final Nimly Grind thing for som time ahed. I gave out Nathan & Nim diskys. I engajed in hugs, etc. Then I went to se m'f'ing Snakes on a Plane.

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