Tuesday, August 22, 2006

CHICAGO (chi chi chi cago cago . . .)

In a wee caravan of two litl cars, George Fero and I did arive in Chicago, Illinois. Thru Pennsylvania and Ohio and Indiana, our weels did spin. We stopd thrice for gas/cofee/candy, etc. and somtime this mornng around 1:30 AM Centrl Time Tiffany let us into her new apartmnt in Lakeview.

We enjoyd th drive. George led. Th sunset in Ohio fild us with good feelngs. We made good time.

Today, with Tiffany and her visitng frend Bridget, we hopd on th El and made a trip to th Museum of Contemporary Art. (We got som lame cofee on th way. At this moment, George prepares som GOOD cofee in th kichn, and I anticipate exitedly. He brot thre pounds of Daily Grind Kenyan AA from Troy to feed his hapy adiction. I wil partake.) Enjoyd art. We feel somwat exaustd and beat, but in good spirits. Chicago acepts us into its cluchs.

Th plan for th week (Tiffany wil leve tomoro for Vermont, wher she'l pik up Jordan, her son, and Sparky, her dog. George and I remain here using her place as a base of oprations.), involvs George and I APARTMNT HUNTNG and JOB HUNTNG. Also FUN HUNTNG, I shud think. Th soonr we find a place and get our things into it, th hapyr I'l be. Evrything I took to Chicago to liv with remains in my car untl we hav a pad to put them in.

A hot day, but plesnt. Th sun cheers me.

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