Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wet, wet . . .

. . . wet.

'Twas a wet day for George and I. We had two adventurs today, one of them sucesful.

First, (havng woken up late) we went out seekng parkng stikrs for our cars. This took us very west on Lawrence av, to anothr neibrhood we'd nevr ben to and don't hav any paticulr intrest in returnng to. We endurd a long, smely and crampd bus ride on Lawrence, and almost didn't make it ther in time (th place closed at 5 and we got ther at about 4:56). But lo and behold, we got stikrs. We restd in a Dunkin' Donuts (with a confusing bathroom with a buzr), then patheticly wandrd around in th rain lookng for th entrance to th Blu Line El station. (We had decided to take th trains home.) George found it, and off we went: Blu Line to downtown, Brown Line to Irving Park -- a nice ride.

Our second mision: laundry. Th first place we tryd: not a laundromat. Th second place: closing in 30 minuts. Th third: alredy closed. We walkd home grumpy and rain-soakd. Laundry tomoro, we decided.

We had an exlnt piza from a place next door cald Papa Romeo's. Then we cleand house in prepration for Tiffany comng home with her son and her dog. George is out now byng beer (I decided to stay dry this time, altho only in th litrl sense), and soon we'l be drinkng and playng bakgamn, tryng not to think about th caos that wil soon befal this quiet apartmnt.

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