Saturday, July 29, 2006

2nd anual Moon Lawn Metal Fest (hapy birthday)

Oliver, goodly frend who goodly is, hostd a sho at th house of him. Aditionl musicl beings included al-so-fabulus: The Space Rifle Rangers, Slaughter Scope, Belligerence, The Black Guards, and th lovly Epilogue. Durng th outsidely-ocurng set of me, did th rain com. It came in muchness, and folks scrambld about to rescu things from th great wetness. I continud doing mandolinngs thruout th ordeal. It was very metl.

.. song of th Protoss [improvised, to countr Teo's song of th Terrans]
.. th posm
.. e blu apratus > rokn' out > deposit 1 tanjlo > e blu apratus
.. Lucretia [formrly named 'hapyness is prune havng']
.. fists of smite
.. Sober [a covr of a song by Tool]
.. Children of The Damned [a covr of a song by Iron Maiden]

Hapy birthday to al, say I to al.

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