Saturday, August 26, 2006

a house on N Wood st

George and I hav found a house! It seems a good house; we like it. We wil liv (wen septembr coms) at 822 N Wood st, Apt 1F, Chicago, IL 60622. Send us grapes! But don't send them until septembr 1, because if u do, som gy named Matt wil get them, and not us. He seems like a nice gy, and perhaps he wud enjoy th grapes, but don't send him grapes. Send George and I grapes. Not Matt.

We playd bakgamn for a wile this aftrnoon, then saild off to go syn a lese. (Our land lady cald our refrences, including my mom and George's best frend Chet, and decided we sound ok. She seems nice, a paintr. We realy lukd out.) Lese synd, we wandrd around th Wicker Park area in serch of mor piza. We found a place on Division st cald Metro Pizza and ate a 1/2 pi. We enjoyd. Then we wandrd about for a wile taking note of things in our neibrhood. We considrd going home, but decided to scope out a Chicago bar first. We found an entirely norml sort of place cald Pint on Milwaukee av, and we had drinklys. Nothng noteworthy hapnd here at al, but George and I did talk about music som more. We left, chekd out a recrd store (with lots and lots of good things we can't aford to splurj on: Reckless Records, very awsom), then discovrd we had to pe. We did so at a Jewel-Osco, th locl grocry chain. We busd bak to Tiffany's apt and playd casino and cribaj until a short wile ago, and here I am telng u about it.

At this momnt, we hav no plans for tomoro.

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Scott Marshall said...

glad you found a place andrew! I send you my love from the NY