Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hotti Biscotti & satrday in jenrl

George and I did stuf today (yestrday, actuly, satrday). Stuf like:

1 .. woke up late (me especialy)
2 .. chekd out a music stor in Lincoln Square & bot strings (he gitar & I mandolin)
3 .. napd
4 .. went west to a very Mexican neibrhood
5 .. met a nice yung womn named Sera in Hotti Biscotti, a bar in said neibrhood
6 .. chatd away with th bartendr in said bar about music (George especialy)
7 .. got lost and confused on th trains
8 .. got home tired and cranky at 4 in th mornng (ate PBJ sandwichs. I plan to very soon grab a glass of milk. Bedtime, I feel it a comn'.)

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