Friday, January 27, 2006

Grind OM 21

.. raisins [request] > you and mandolins
.. Pablo

I played again with Jim, and I think it went well. 'Twas a good open mic, chock full of interesting stuffs. Jason Martin and I had a conversation about alter egos and true selves and poopy clouds.

I was originally planning to go to an open mic at R.P.I. tonight (Friday), but I have changed my mind. At Positively 4th Street (a bar in downtown Troy), a gentleman named Jason Webley will be performing at 9:00. He's an accordian-player from Seattle; he's really good, and it's not every day he comes to Troy.

The show seems to be 18+. If anybody who fits that description wants to come with me tonight, send me a message or zap me a phone call.

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