Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Illium OM 9

I stopped by the Illium last night to play some tunes. No PA, so I just stood there and did. Amy and Beth showed up = fun. Also, I jammed with a guy I had just met (I think named Justin), which was neat. Here's how that went:

.. I am systems
.. no more crisis in Rome > troglodyte
.. 25% more monster
.. love song 5
.. e blue apparatus [request]

I scheduled some shows last night as well: Feb. 25 (5 - 8 PM) and Feb. 26 (11 AM - 2 PM) at the Illium (5 Broadway, Troy).

Episode 4 of NNRS is finished BUT I have not been able to upload it yet. It will happen when it happens, and I have no idea when it will happen.

Very soon, I will be opening up the Rocket Ship Reader to public perusal. Very soon...

And if anybody would like to join me, I'm planning to go to the Flavour Cafe open mic this evening. I'm hoping to catch some R.P.I. students that I met last semester. It starts at 8:00. Might be a good time.

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