Saturday, January 7, 2006

Coffee Planet Show Oh One

I played my first solo show at Coffee Planet in Ballston Spa this afternoon, and it was fun and neat. Some friends came by and some strangers seemed to enjoy it. I think I played decently, especially in the second half. 'Twas a good time.

I will attempt to approximately reproduce my set list:

set 1

.. in my pocket
.. level 1 > stripes
.. this ladybug > 2Gs
.. Deenmark
.. troglodyte
.. e blue apparatus > I am systems
.. love song 1
.. science
.. Alan the Duck > will we go out together?
.. eat lots of apples
.. Collarbone Pharoah
.. vegetables you've never heard of

set 2

.. hello, will you be my Sheep?
.. raisins > bodymind
.. Dave
.. Pablo
.. love song 5
.. this ladybug [request]
.. 25% more monster > call it Home
.. deposit 1 tangelo > Robots: the card game
.. no more crisis in Rome
.. the slippery toad > you and mandolins
.. javelin head > Nimland > buzzelling > Maroon Dots
.. fly this kite
.. 5 songs of fish


Anonymous said...

We were there that day getting some lunch. You must have been way stoned if you though you "played decently" lol

Andrew Aaron Heathwaite said...

Greetings, anonymous and anonymous friends,

I'm sorry if you didn't enjoy my music. It's not for everybody. You're wrong about me being way stoned, though. I don't do that.

Andrew the Nim

Anonymous said...

No apologies necessary! You weren't hurting anyone and certainly some people were enjoying it!!

Maybe they were a little buzzed....who knows?