Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mudhouse OM 2

Hello friends,

Nick and I traveled to the Averill Park for the open mic of Slow Jed's Mudhouse. He was penultimate, and I was last. He played a song he had never played before, which was good. My teeny set went like this:

.. eat lots of apples [request]
.. 5 songs of fish [request]

A technical detail for those interested in knowing: 'eat lots of apples' is not the same song as 'deposit 1 tangelo'. The former goes like this:

the longest way to get home
in the rain watch your own
take a lombat to dinner and you won't be sorry
regular meetings at the YMCA
you know me to be soft-spoken

eat lots of apples
eat lots of apples
and so on

and the latter goes like this:

deposit 1 tangelo
deposit 2 tangeloeezes
deposit 3 tangeloza
4 is the number that we stop before
4 is the number that we stop before
4 is the number that we stop b4 is the number
and so on

Sometimes, I combine the two songs into one (and there is a recording of me doing so somewhere on my songs & media page), but I also play the songs individually or with other songs. I am delighted to play the medley as a request, but I need to know that you'd like to hear both songs together.

And a disclaimer: My only CD currently available, Nodal Nim at Hurley's does not contain the song '5 songs of fish'. I had not yet written '5 songs of fish' when I made that CD. There are lots of songs that I had written, though, many of which are on there. I ought to make a new CD. I've got enough unreleased songs for one. So I will ponder this.

You can listen to '5 songs of fish' by downloading episode 001 of Nodal Nim's Rocket Ship. I don't have a separate version of it yet, but it's definitely on there.

I am considering moving all my Rocket Ship episodes to a new internet location, but I don't know where or when. Apologies for further delays.

In the meantime, you can come to my shows!

Much Love,
Andrew the Nim

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