Sunday, November 6, 2005

YAG Birthday Bash #3

I was surprised to find myself (well, technically, Nodal Nim) performing again at the Mueller Center at R.P.I., entertaining the children of the Young Actor's Guild with my songs of ducks, dots, and monsters. Surprised, not because nobody told me the party was today, but because I had absolutely utterly forgotten. Anyway, I had my mandolin when I arrived, and I pulled off a little show without too much trouble. I had fun, and I think most of the kids did, too. I think they like having their own quirky bard, or maybe I just like being such.

Here is what I played, more or less:

.. Maroon Dots
.. Deenmark > 25% more monster > vegetables you've never heard of
.. birthday round [request]
.. Alan the Duck [request] > will we go out together?
.. e blue apparatus [request]
.. 5 songs of fish

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