Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Flavour OM 4 / P4 OM 1

I played a couple short sets at Flavour Cafe's open mic tonight. There were a nice bunch of folks there, playing along on djembe and guitar and such. I was impressed by a guy who did a decent job following the rhythm changes in 5 songs of fish! Not an easy task for anybody, myself included.

First Set:

.. I am systems
.. Maroon Dots > Alan the Duck > raisins
.. this ladybug [request]
.. 25% more monster
.. the slippery toad
.. e blue apparatus

Second Set:

.. you've got your own life
.. 5 songs of fish


After I played at Flavour, I went down the road to Positively Fourth Street to play at their open mic. There weren't many people there when I played, and those who were there could care less. Bars are truly dumb. Oh well. I wasn't totally turned off, and I'd probably go there again another day.

.. trogoldyte
.. science
.. stripes
.. hello, will you be my Sheep?


Anonymous said...

Hey! I was the one playing Kim's conga at Flavour Cafe. I got one of the CDs you gave out... it's so simplistically joyful and chaotic -- "Hello, goodbye, alo-ha...". I'm amazed at how well you capture ideas with sound (the intro to 5 songs of fish sounds like a fish to me). I might be able to see you this weekend at Flavour Cafe... thanks for the music, and letting me play along!

Andrew Aaron Heathwaite said...

Hey Ryan, thanks for the comment. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the Rocketship. If you and/or your friends would like to participate in future episodes, that would be cool. Due to copyright and internet distribution, I can't include covers, but if you guys had originals or the desire to jam sometime, we could possibly record some fun stuff. Thanks again!

Andrew Aaron Heathwaite said...

Ha, I just realized how inept I appear to be at telling the difference between the names Ryan and Kyle. You clearly signed your message Kyle and I clearly disregarded that and called you Ryan instead. I think I need to work on this.