Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Coffee Planet OM 1!

Coffee Planet, a delightful little place in Ballston Spa, under the fine leadership of Casey and Dave of Almost Awake, hosted its first open mic tonight! It was a good time, and will definitely be worth revisiting in the future; the open mic will return every Tuesday, from 7 to 9.

.. vegetables you've never heard of
.. raisins [request] > will we go out together
.. stripes
.. wow [request]
.. in my pocket
.. 5 songs of fish


Coffee Planet is also an Official Book Crossing Zone, meaning that here books are commonly tagged and released into the wild, a la BookCrossing.com. Check that website out; it's all about people sharing books with strangers and tracking their travels through the world. I released two books there tonight, and picked one up that looks interesting. I'm encouraging Flavour Cafe in Troy to become another Book Crossing Zone, and yesterday I released two there. I'm seriously thinking about turning all venues I play at from now on into temporary Book Crossing Zones during my gigs by bringing a box of tagged books along for interested audience members to sift through and take from, as long as they agree to participate in Book Crossing. It could be a fun way to get some books out, introduce new folks to Book Crossing, and interact with audiences in a new and memorable way.

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