Saturday, November 26, 2005

Holy Heck fun at Flavour Cafe!

I had an excellent turn-out at my Nim show at Flavour Cafe tonight! There were quite a lot of people there over the course of the evening. Thanks to everyone who came and especially those who brought lots of friends! It was way fun. My apologies for forgetting to bring my speaker. It was fun to play unplugged, but next time I will have the juice.

My set went something like this:

.. science
.. Alan the Duck > level 1
.. retro helplessness > sun flies
.. will we go out together?
.. troglodyte
.. candle bird
.. I am systems [request]
.. vegetables you've never heard of [request]
.. acrobasebombball > javelin head
.. fly this kite
.. present tense
.. deposit 1 tangelo > shirt thane > Maroon Dots

.. Pablo
.. love song 5
.. the slippery toad
.. Deenmark
.. Daisy Ran Train
.. Juiceman [request]
.. stripes > Nimland
.. hello, will you by my Sheep?
.. docky docky
.. you've got your own life
.. Superman has friends
.. wow > vegetables you've never heard of
.. love song 1

.. 5 songs of fish
.. raisins > Robots: the card game
.. e blue apparatus > receptors & peptides
.. 25% more monster [request]
.. lapse into memory
.. this ladybug
.. call it home [premiere]
.. yellow things

The ordering definitely has some untruths, but I think all the songs I played are there.

In addition to some dollars and coins, my box o' tips contained some special treats, including the following "tips" written with crayon on scraps of paper:

"don't drink antifreeze it could kill you!"
"It's always good to keep your wallet on you in case of emergencies"
"Always use protection - tip # 67"
and my personal favorite: "If a demon asks if your [sic] a god you say YES!!!"

Tip # 67 was not just talk. My tip box also contained a latex dental dam (Vanilla flavored). Yanni and Catharine mentioned something about leaving me something "special" in my tip box, so I imagine I have them to thank. So thanks guys!

And thanks again to everyone who showed up! It was a pretty delirious three hours, and I do hope that fun was had by all. I also hope to see some of you when I play next month at Professor Java's on December 23! Those of you who signed up for my email list can expect an super-neat emailing or two between now and then.

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