Thursday, February 1, 2007


With George & Tiffany, this past weekend I did see two marvelous concerts: on Friday, th Chicago Symphony Orchestra performed Th Rite of Spring magnificently, & on Saturday, 'twas th lovely & marvelous band Deerhoof at a nice Chicago venue called th Metro doing great things of music wondermagic(k).

'Twas that.

I find myself poor, not working enough, & not so crazy about substitute teaching. I have some good days, though. Today, I'm with a sixth grade class of relatively pleasant & amusing folks. They finished all their work about an hour ago (it was too easy for them), & now they're watching a movie, playing games on th two computers in th room, & reading. Some days kill me, though. I don't think I agree with th attitude of education in this country in general. We try to raise a bunch of robots, & th ones that won't go with it (they shouldn't) are th ones that get screwed.


I've almost finished th first issue of th Great Book of Befuddlement, my Discordian Zine-in-progress. I like how it's coming out. It's a lot of work, though; if I don't get a few local people interested in reading it & contributing to it within three issues or so, I may not keep it up. As I have mentioned, Readers & Friends, your contributions to this project are quite welcome.

Squisky Horbs,
Episkopos Androse th Nim, faKr of th Flum

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