Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Good News!

Jesus loves you!

Just kidding - of course he doesn't.

Actually, th good news is this: I finally memorized by library card number(!!!!!)

With Pats on Back of Self,
Androse th Nim, faKr of th Flum


OK, I'm back with more good news. I have sort of finished th first issue of th Great Book of Befuddlement! I intend verily (warning: gratuitous split infinitive ahead) to stupendously release it on Chaoflux, a great Discordian holyday of muchos Greatnesses (I'm learning Spanish!). Here follows a tentative schedule of GBoB releases in future times to come:

.. issue #1 .. Chaos 19 - Chaoflux a.k.a. feb 19 a.k.a two weeks from yesterday
.. issue #2 .. Chaos 73 - Einstein Day a.k.a mar 14
.. issue #3 .. Discord 23 - Jake Day a.k.a. apr 6
.. issue #4 .. Discord 46 a.k.a. apr 29
.. issue #5 .. Discord 69 a.k.a. may 22

So it goes.

(Each issue release comes 23 days after th previous.)

I continue to invite submissions. Th price per issue I have not determined, but I will set it low. I will do mailings & we can work out a subscription system for faraway ladies & lads of Erisian wildlies.


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