Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Eris Rox

Goddess (mhftee) is working her chaotic wondermagick in Chicago today! It's been snowing for well over 24 hours, th streets are awful, & for some confusing reason th folks in charge decided that school will be in session all across th city, but (a.) students don't have to go (b.) there are no busses running (c.) students should go to their "neighborhood schools," which means, not necessarily th schools they actually attend.

So I'm at a school with 12 students in it. Th teachers who are here (many didn't come) are babysitting (or just sitting around getting paid for nothing - what a silly waste of money). Oddly, I'm filling in for a secretary (I'm pretty sure this is absolutely not what subs are supposed to do - might not be legal), helping out by taking calls, filling out attendance forms, putting mail in teacher mailboxes, etc. What a weird day.

A teacher commented on how peaceful it is with twelve students - none of th ordinary chaos. Indeed. A brand new dimension of chaos today! How delightful!

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