Thursday, January 25, 2007


Schools of hellbringing brought their hellbringings to bear upon my head this week that comes to a close at this time (tomorrow, the Friday, there is no school for anyone anywhere [un-collegy-like] in this Illuminati-controlled township). It seems true that I survived. You wouldn't believe the comb-over on the guy standing next to me at this moment. It exhibits fantastic qualities of awkwardness and insanity (there should be a word for awkward and insane together as one).

[[Insaneward seems a good nonce word for the having, but not in that meaning, maybe.]]


I played some acoustic guitar and mandolin today for the first time in a goodly while. No news songs did I write or anything of that nature [the time will come in time]. I have continued preparations for a zine, and a zine will I assemble in dueness of time, one that celebrates the awesomeness of Eris (mhftee) and her wondermagicks and totems and clay boils. Fellow Discordians in Chicago and elsewhere, I do invite thee to submit loving members for the goodness of all good things.

((Those seeking the immediate Erisian date will now know that some Discordians call it Setting Orange, Chaos 25.))


In my car, as I was allowing it to nicely warm while I grabbed CDs from the apartment, I did drop keys, and one went quite very missing until I considered the possibility that it had fallen into the cuff of my pants. I found it there when I looked and suddenly felt very smart.

I consider that the high point of my day.


Someone should let Nathan know that Luciano Berio wrote a sequenza for accordion, and it rocks lots.

Those things I think of saying to you now.



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